Saint Laurent Sulpice

  1. I saw this on Net-A-Porter and kinda like it, but, it seems a little small for the price (compared to similar YSL bags.) Has anyone purchased a Sulpice? Any opinions?
  2. I kinda feel the same as you....but I'm still interested in the beige or green color. Hoping they'll be marked down during sale season as I don't see myself paying full price;).
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  3. I’ve been looking at this bag online for a while now. Does anyone own this bag or seen it up close to give their feedback? I think it is a really nice looking bag.
    A918D00D-CF3B-4718-8682-45DD82DA99F9.jpeg 11D374A8-43FB-444C-9091-1D228D9D1B2A.jpeg 507A92A6-40F1-46F3-9D4A-7839C534D0E8.jpeg 82BAEBBE-8285-46B7-B39F-FF7B83A14FDC.jpeg
  4. Here are some photos of the Saint Laurent YSL Sulpice bag in smooth leather. Looks so elegant and chic.
    9E07A21C-3567-4C10-B7DA-43E39AD5E12E.jpeg 3E94F4BB-CDD7-4019-9C52-55C840317CC9.jpeg C62C2BDB-000F-4FBA-84A3-F0BC50F43A00.jpeg 4BE60BAE-DA99-4840-BEF4-FFCD9BFEC5E8.jpeg
  5. More photos of the Saint Laurent YSL Sulpice Bag including actress Julianne Moore wearing her black one.
    DF1D204A-D90F-4284-8363-BBBC9FE40AA9.jpeg E6DA8B84-D199-42C4-9ABA-E4726EE253F2.jpeg 9ACE3FEC-BCD3-41F2-93AC-FAA16C48B9D2.jpeg ACBDB8F3-0F2D-4F8A-A53C-45488B551AE7.jpeg
  6. It's been on my wishlist and I've tried it on a few times, but can't seem to pull the trigger. I suppose I'm not sure it truly fits my aesthetic. Each time its been marked down, I ended up purchasing another sale style I wasn't really considering instead in the color of the sulpice I was considering (e.g black vicky and dark green small loulou)....and those alternatives ended up being winners. So, the sulpice may not be meant to be for me.

    The medium size is the better option IMO as the small doesn't fit much and is only a few hundred cheaper. However, I find the strap to be a bit long even though I'm tall.
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  7. Thanks heaps for your review. I went in today but they didn’t have the quilted chevron one or small in store so I couldn’t try them on. Hopefully someday soon I can try it on. :smile:
  8. ......surprisingly, I actually finally found one of these I love. I originally only focused on the quilteds, which I found a bit staid, but I recent expanded my search and found one that was a perfect fit. Will post a pic when I have time:idea:
  9. ....without further ado, my Sulpice.
    studded sulpice.jpg
    ....the anti-staid as I mentioned. :heart::heart::heart:

    I had given up on the style after having tried the quilted and a few of the plain suede styles. And then I found this....nirvana (and a great sale deal!).

    A work of art IMO that's sure to elevate any outfit....although, so far I've only wore it casually with leather skinnies and jeans. The strap is on the long side, but I've been wearing mostly crossbody bags now over my heavy coats (shoulder bags tend to slip off with all the padding), so it works out well.

    Bonus pic from the store ad
  10. So beautiful you always have the most unique YSL styles!
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  11. This is too beautiful!! Wow
  12. I fell in love with the smooth leather Sulpice in dark red when I tried it on today!


    My birthday is coming up soon and my boyfriend plans on buying me a purse. However, I’m wondering if this particular style goes on sale. As much as I want this bag right now, I’m definitely willing to wait for a good deal (and make room for other goodies hehe)