Saint Laurent Shopping Tote Leather Peeling


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Nov 18, 2019
I purchased the Saint Laurent Shopping Tote 1 year ago from Saks Fifth Avenue. In less than a month the thread on the sides started unraveling so I took it to the Saint Laurent store, they replaced it for me. Fast forward to 1 year later the bottom right corner of the glazing on the leather is peeling and I haven't done anything or scraped against anything at all!

I am terribly disappointed in the quality of Saint Laurent bags I don't think I will ever buy it again. I contacted the store and they said they do not repair wear & tear. I wish I returned it when I first discovered that the thread was unraveling. Is anyone else having the same issue with Saint Laurent bags? Should I pay $100-150 to repair it? Photo attached.



Jan 3, 2020
Hello! :smile: I know your post is old, lol, but I'm new here!

I have a few Saint Laurent bags and I have to tell you I'm also so disappointed with the quality! They are absolutely gorgeous, but they are not so worth the price! So sad!

I was looking for infos on this Tote, 'cause I need to buy one for everyday use, to put my laptop and stuff we carry everyday. This one is so pretty! It's the only Tote I like!
But I was kinda predicting about the bad quality. I think this one will not handle my everyday use! But I don't know where to turn, lol. I don't know if I can pull Neverfulls with my style, lol.

Are you still wearing this one everyday?