Saint Laurent Shoes

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  1. Couldn't find a main thread, so let's all share our SL's.

    Loafer with heel fold down option.
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  2. Well made and buttery soft lambskin espadrilles.

  3. Please forgive my poor photography skills but here are my YSL shoes

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  4. What happened to your shoes girlfriend??
  5. AE7175FF-8212-464B-A695-692CA75DCDF0.jpeg Niki booties
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  7. Love!!
  8. Thank you! I am so happy I found these. I was about to pull the trigger on these suede Valentino booties as they were on sale for a store liquidating in my city... the price after “liquidation” was equivalent to the price online at farfetch and ssense!! No wonder they’re closing lol
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  9. My YSL Tribute sandals in Caramel. They are so comfortable and go with almost everything! I have them in blue as well, but no pics :sad:

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  10. Those are perfect nudes for you. Love caramel with jeans. I'm so glad I invested in tribs from years ago, they're still comfy, look great and goes with my wardrobe like the good classic it is.
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  11. I swore off buying expensive designer trainers a while ago but I'm seriously tempted by these.
    Leopard print heel trim and leopard laces ! :love:

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  12. sorry, I'm going to enable since the elegant shape and its simplicity is hard to resist. I've noticed I'm buying more trainers, designer and non, more than ever.
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  13. I love this whole look - gorgeous shoes and bag with worn denim :coolio:
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  14. Got 'em!! That is they're on the way to me now :biggrin:
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  15. Thanks so much Straight Laced! Love your sneakers! Those laces!!!
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