saint laurent sac du jour or fendi?

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  1. hi loves! looking to buy a new bag as a souvenir while im on vacay ;)

    opinions please!

    Saint Laurent Sac du jour in Small in gray pebbled

    Saint laurent nano in yellow pebbled

    or go with a fendi petite du jour in bright blue?

    love them all so really just needing to narrow down to which one to get! thanks!
  2. I'd go with sdj in gray as it's on my list also. I used to contemplate between Fendi and Saint Laurent, but I'm not fan of saffiano so that's the reason I wouldn't get Fendi.
  3. Quality-wise, Fendi.

  4. +1
  5. Fendi!
  6. Sdj!
  7. Sdj :smile:
  8. Fendi-the quality is a few steps up from SL.

  9. Did you have problems with ysl bags?

  10. Yes I have. That is why the shopper tote I purchased I'm on the fence about keeping. I have a Fendi 2jour and a peekaboo. The 2jour is all soft leather inside and out and is just beautifully made just like the peekaboo you just can't beat their craftsmanship. I've had sa's tell me SL quality has gone done hill of late.

  11. I had SDJ and it was really a bad quality. It got badly scuffed only after 6 weeks. Then I got the YSL monogram chain bag, the coating peeled of only after a month!! But I love the bag so much and it's a true red that makes me keep it. I have two Fendi bags. One is 3 years old and the other is 5 month old. They wear like iron! No loose stitching. Of course there are scuffs on the older one but it's not as bad and the ones on SDJ. The scuffs on my Fendi just adds characters but the leather is self is tough! Unlike my SDJ.

  12. Since you been in the same situation I wanted to ask you your opinion. I purchased the shopping tote in silver I love the bag but am concerned the SL charm is going to change or chip soon. What do you think? I haven't used it yet was waiting until I leave for Italy in a few weeks .

  13. May I see the picture? What kind of charm is it? I bought another YSL Monogram tote, the mini one, with smooth leather and so far (knock on wood) it's holding up well.
  14. Yellow SDJ. Not a huge fan of fendi bags. I have two saint laurent bags and no issues with the quality. Good luck!

  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465080576.912953.jpg
    I love the color of the bag. I also bought the cobalt blue but returned it because the painted edges had me neverous they would start to chip off.