Saint Laurent Sac De Jour...

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  1. I have the wallet in the same leather and it is so scratched (only 6 months old) it's actually disappointing and apparently there is not much to protect it. Sometimes I feel like I should keep it in the dust bag in my handbag!
  2. it is so pretty! congrats!
  3. Hi, I am thinking to get this SDJ small size or baby size.. but im not sure if this type of leather will easily have water mark if I carry it during rainy days - as Australia's winter rains a lot!
  4. I want this exact bag! It's so beautiful! How are you liking it so far?? Any issues? Do you find it heavy?

  5. Congrats on your bag:smile: how does it hold up? Scratches? Can you use it in rain? Just ordered the same bag and I'm scared! Any issues with color transfer?
  6. Do you guys think one could use this bag for school? :smile:
  7. Congrats:graucho:
  8. So pretty:smile:
  9. Wow,,, many thanks for your input.. I agree with you the pink will be outdated quickly...
  10. How do the corners on this bag hold up? I just received one from hgbags, and it came with 3 corners soft and dented in (can't push the corners out back in shape as the leather has lost its structure there), and scuffs even though it's brand new. Is this normal or did I get a damaged bag?
  11. Sorry to hear that! Please post pictures? I was just thinking of purchasing one from them:sad:
  12. I have loved this bag since the release, and finally I got one:smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398174657.504464.jpg

  13. All smooth leather bags have some light surface scratches, every single designer bag ive ever owned (and ive had a lot) thats smooth leather gets a few. That said i dont think your bag sounds right, i i think you got a damaged bag, definitely contact Erica to make it right.
  14. Sorry for the late reply I don't know why sometimes I get notice and other times I don't when someone quoted me!

    Anyway, I'd say the bag is holding up ok in the sense that there is no color transfer issue, and the corners are pretty tough (not prone to scruffing or dents etc), overall the bag is very sturdy that it can serve as a daily workhorse bag.

    But, the leather does scratch pretty easily, matter of fact when I received the bag it already has a few tiny hairline scratches, and with using it for a couple of weeks I think I added a few more scratches. It doesn't bother me as much but if it is a pretty delicate leather.
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