Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Souple

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  1. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing it.
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  2. Hey everyone, I’m new here — this is the only place I can ask question about my sdj souple! So I got this sdj souple in black small a few days ago, it was factory packed but just realized today that one corner of the bag is a bit defected. However, i am not sure if this is a big deal so I’m asking you guys here!

    First photo is the normal side
    Second is the defected side.

    The lining is a bit imperfect and it keeps bothering me.

    You can tell the difference in the third image.

    What do you guys think? Do you think I should take this bag and ask for a new one? :sad:

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  3. I think you should ask for a new one because you said it is bothering you. You should be 100% satisfied with your purchase :smile:

    That would bother me if I got the bag at full price. I may accept that if it was on sale and was the last one in stock.
  4. I bought in full price from the boutique store! Called them and I'm about to get them exchanged... it's a bit annoying that I have to put in extra time+effort+money to get the bag exchanged :sad:
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  5. It is a bit annoying to have to exchange the bag, but at least you will get a bag that you will be happy with. Be sure to inspect the other one thoroughly, just in case. I once chose between 3 Prada Saffiano portfolio bags and all of them had flaws. I ended up choosing the one with the fewest flaws. I got the bag full price, but I had to settle because it looks like all of them had some type of flaw. If they ordered a new one in for me, then it may probably have a flaw, too.

    That was the last time I bought Prada for full price.
  6. I wore the bag today with a Louis Vuitton Race Bandouliere strap. I am totally in love with the bag.
  7. Love the bandoulière! It's a great enhancement to an awesome bag.

    I have the medium sac de jour souple and it's a bit wavy on one side but has never really bothered me. I expect it will continue to soften. I've always wanted a different strap... my college bag strap is a bit short and a different colour so doesn't work and my LV bandoulière is mono/black with GHW so doesn't work either!!!
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  8. The Sac de Jour looks really good with a Valentino Guitar strap, especially with aged silver hardware. It gives the bag a bit of a boho-chic look. They sometimes go on sale during the sale seasons. The men's versions tend to come with silver hardware and are the same size as the women's versions, so check both the men's and women's out if you're interested.
  9. Hey all

    Does anyone have any experience of the souple nanoplease? I love the design but wonder if things fall out?

    Also, if the baby holds a 10.5 iPad Pro?

    Thanks so much
  10. Just want to say thank you to all the beautiful enablers in this thread! I just received my marble pink souple sdj in size small and she’s so so pretty. I wouldn’t have known about the softer version if weren’t for this thread. I’ve always liked the design but disliked the rigid leather. This version is absolute perfection. Thanks OP for putting this bag on our radar!
  11. I received my SDJ souple in nano, in the exact colour as yours. I don't usually like pink bags but I think this pink it's really nice! But the thing I worry most is colour transfer. Have you started using your bag? Noticed any colour transfer/darkening of the handles so far?
  12. I’ve used it a few times. So far so good! No color transfer whatsoever but I don’t wear denim often. Congrats on your bag!
  13. Hello ladies/gents!
    So my local boutique has this bag available at 30% off.
    It's the baby SDJ (size I'd prefer) and while I was initially looking for the smooth or grained leather in a brighter colour (say sunshine yellow, light pink, or baby blue, etc.), this dark teal colour did catch my eye.

    However, it is the souple leather and I do have some reservations about how it's already slouchy. The SA said that it won't slouch anymore and if it was a bigger size, it likely would. I'm not really sure if this sounds accurate considering this one is already leaning over? :confused1: I'm still fairly neutral on this leather (perhaps a bit towards negative) solely because I'm not sure how this is going to look, say, 6 months down the road.

    What do you guys think? IMG_7640.jpg IMG_7641.jpg
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  14. I don't suggest buying this. It sounds like you wanted the structured Sac de Jour instead. You will still want that one if you get this one. There are some structured Sac de Jour bags going on sale at retailers like Neiman Marcus, Ssense, etc., and you can probably get the bag you want for the same discount, if not more.
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  15. It feels like you prefer the structured SDJ. Even at 30% off, you’ll probably regret getting this. I can see the horizontal line across the front of the bag already.
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