Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Souple

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  1. I just purchased a small souple SDJ and haven’t taken it out of the box, so I can check and see what mine looks like tomorrow. The body doesn’t look odd to me since the leather is softer (it’s not meant to be a super structured bag), but I can check my bag strap hole tomorrow since I haven’t used it yet.

    I should have added a while ago, but I got the black small souple SDJ for ~$1,800 about a month ago during the designer seasonal sale. Happened to be watching the bag on one specific site and it happened to drop one day and I immediately snatched it up before it sold out hours later!
  2. I’ve moved my strap for changing from shoulder to crossbody and the holes didn’t t enlarge. When I have something lumpy in my bag it does sort of show through the leather but then I move it nearer the centre and the lumps do go. I too wonder if yours is a used return. I’ve also never carried weight in mine.
  3. What size is yours? I have the bag in baby size and that size does hold it’s shape. It’s my everyday bag that I’ve used for the past year and it still looks brand new. The holes in my strap also look fine, not like yours. I do think you were sold a used bag. Can you exchange it? They are great bags and I love the quality of the leather.
  4. I've seen brand new bags in the store with such lumpy leather so it's not unusual i think. But the enlarged strap hole certainly is strange and it does seem like the strap has been used before. If you have misgivings about the bag, maybe return it? At this price point you should be completely happy with your bag :smile:
  5. Thanks everyone for your advice.

    The size I have is the baby size - so yes I would expect it to keep its shape better than a small size. The bulging/warped leather is definitely a worry if it is indeed “brand new”.

    I have contacted the store now and let’s see what my options are for return/exchange.
  6. I purchased sdj souple nano in flash blue! OBSESSED WITH THE COLOR AND THE LEATHER IS SO SOFT! I am so sad to see after one month of light use, BOTH handles are cracking terribly. I reached out to me SA and he said ysl will repair for free but JEEZ 2700$+ with tax for a small little bag and the detial could use much improvement. The glazing has mini bubbles in it and the trim is not completely even in some places. I love the bag but with ysl it may be a hit or miss with quality.

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  7. My cracking handles on mine after 1 month

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  8. one month after purchasing

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  9. This is terrible!! Mine is still holding up fine despite my use. I hope they are able to take care of that for you, that seems defective.
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  10. I think that this is more of a design issue instead of a quality issue. With such a small bag, it looks like the handles need to be pulled to open the bag, hence the cracks are all concentrated toward the base of the handles where they hyper-extend while the bag is opened. There are no cracks near the top of the handles. Resin tends to crack where the leather is flexed because the resin itself is not as flexible as the leather, so it cracks in response to the applied stress to alleviate the tension.

    To avoid this from happening after it has been repaired, open the bag by pushing your hand into the opening and then stretching it without pulling the handles to open the bag.

    I have the 48hr Sac de Jour duffle for men and the because the bag is easier to open (the opening is a lot larger and softer than on the small Sac de Jour), this cracking hasn't happened.
  11. Actually you make a very valid point @averagejoe - I have the baby SDJ and it’s handles are ok. But my older Céline micro luggage bags (same style) have some cracking and it’s because I drag the bag towards me by one handle, thereby causing stress. Celine offered to repair it but I’m not too fussed and I caused it but I have been a bit more careful with all my top handle bags now.
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  12. Will you please post a pic of the 48hr duffle? How are you liking it? I fell in love with it recently when I visited the store and planning on getting it soon :smile:
  13. I'm really liking the bag. I will post a photo next time I use the bag