Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Souple

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  1. It is a beauty. Enjoy using it!!!!
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  2. Taking my new sdj north south in blue souple out for its first spin today! IMG_1519380772.829314.jpg IMG_1519380791.555493.jpg
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  4. It’s gorgeous! Such a classy looking bag. It has successful written on it! Enjoy.
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  6. May i please see photos or know how your sac de jour has held up after using them for awhile? Thanks :smile:
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  7. Hi Moderators, any chance we could change this thread name to "Sac De Jour Souple", now that we know what the updated design is called? Thanks.
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  8. Do any of you have a guide for how to understand this bags’ serial numbers? For example mine starts with DMR. Does some aspect of the code correspond to the year it was manufactured? Thanks!1
  9. I just bought a nano sac de jour but I am having difficulty fixing the shoulder strap. Anybody facing the same problem as the leather loop seems very tight for the strap to go through...

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  10. Initially yes, but it loosens up to a comfortable level of tightness after a while.
  11. I agree it is very tight, and will loosen a bit. I like that it’s tight, as it doesn’t slide down at all. It’s a great bag. Enjoy it. I own it in baby size and love it!
  12. It was more than tight. I brought it back to the shop and they agreed that it was impossible to slot through so I had to return it. Decided against getting another one.
  13. I had to return the bag because even the Saint Laurent SA could not get it through the 1st loop.
  14. Glad you brought it back, but sorry to hear you had to return and not exchange it. It’s a great bag. Good luck with what you decide to get.
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  15. My new Sac De Jou Souple came today but I am disappointed by how warped the leather is!
    I know it is a softer leather but I am surprised that it is already looking bumpy - it does not show up as much in the photos but there are definitely bumps when I run my hand across the whole bag - the leather is not flat. I do not think this is how it is supposed to look like, especially brand new.

    Another disappointing issue was with the shoulder strap - I had to adjust the strap to make it shorter (from the default middle hole) - and you can see how the hole has now enlarged completely.

    It really looks like the bag has been used to carry some heavy things - I wonder if it is a return?
    Did any of your souple bags arrive brand new but in this condition?

    1bbed71d-5a99-44ce-b24e-33acce687da6.jpg e6e8aa99-e524-4c15-998c-b960843d1dbd.jpg