saint laurent paisley studded tote bag

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  1. Hi,
    I'm very new to this forum, just discovered it yesterday and signed up this morning. So I found the paisley bag online, fell in love!! Apparently there are only two in North America. Las Vegas and New York, or from farfetch. I live in Vancouver, BC.
    I have so many questions....I've never purchased a Saint Laurent bag before.
    Are there issues with the quality?
    Should I purchase from a Saint Laurent store in case I have issues with the bag? The duty is about 30%
    Should I purchase from Farfetch?
    Do the bags go on sale often?
    I'm only 5"3, the bag may be a little large for me....but I love the pattern on the bag
    It's a major purchase for me.....but I'd like to hear what the ladies of the forum have to say
  2. This is a very pretty bag and if you like it go for it. Saint Laurent does go on sale about twice a year and they also have an outlet. You do take a risk of the bag you want being sold out before you can get to it. In regards to quality, I have no had any issues with my Saint Laurent bags but with any brand you’ll be able to read complaints on this forum about them.
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  3. I would buy through Farfetch. The duties buying from a US boutique are too high. Your bag may not need to be repaired at all so it's not something to factor into a purchase in my opinion.
  4. Thanks for your response, I thought i saw the bag on sale a few days back. However, I might have missed the sale. I will keep an eye out for the sales in the future.
  5. Yes!!! It is a stunning bag! From what I understand there are only two of these bags in North America. I think that is very cool. I will certainly post a picture on this forum if I decide to purchase the bag.
  6. I checked and the duties are around 30%!!! That's just crazy! I don't think I'd carry the bag everyday, but that is a good point. I will check with the local Saint Laurent store to see if repairs can be done in Canada with a bag purchased in the US. Thanks for the good points!
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