Saint Laurent outlet stores

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  1. Has anyone ever been to one of them? Do they have good deals on anything? Just wondering if it would be worth it to call them up :biggrin:
  2. Here in HK we do have Saint Laurent Outlet. The last time I went there I got a Chyc small crossbody bag and couple YSL tees. I found some muse and other YSL previous bags and shoes. I think it is worth it check it out.

  3. Cool, thanks!
  4. Went to Bicester village in London to their outlet store did'nt find anything great!

  5. Good to know, thanks!
  6. I was just wondering.. Where is the SLP outlet in HK.. I didnt see one at Tung Chung.. Is it at a different location? Also if you don't mind me asking, how much discount did you get for the YSL t-shirts?? Also do they also sell the SLP products as well as the old YSL stuff too?? TIA!
  7. What's the return policy like in the outlets

  8. Hmmm I didn't know the Tung Chung outlet but the one went is at Ap Lei Chau and I think the discount for the tees are like 70% or 60% sorry I'm not that sure anymore. I am very certain they do have old season YSL but I haven't check yet if they have SLP stuffs.

    No return policy. Since its a SALE or PROMOTIONAL ITEMS all purchase is final.
  9. I personally like the Cabazon in Ca and found some amazing purses! Can't wait to possibly go this weekend!
  10. I was at bicester yesterday and they said they're switching over from YSL to SLP starting in 6 weeks (the SA I talked to said it'd be s/s 13 they're getting in) - which is probably why there isn't much left that's great.
  11. ooh that's really interesting!! putting a note in my diary now for 6 weeks time..
  12. Has anyone been to the Outlet in Japan?
  13. Hi dear, I'm heading to HK soon! Could you please share with me the location of the Saint Laurent Outlet???:smile: Many thanks.

    Would you also know if there is any sale in HK towards the end of this month?
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  14. Has anyone been to the YSL outlet in Bicester Village (UK)? Do they still carry the arty rings there or in the proper boutiques in London?

  15. Its in Horizon Plaza at Ap Lei Chau.

    Horizon Plaza is basically a mecca of luxury outlet stores. Like marc jacobs, ralph lauren, carven, philip lim and more.