Saint Laurent Niki Boots Waiting List

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  1. I've developed a serious crush on Saint Laurent Niki boots (black or cognac leather) recently. I visited the store in my city (Milan) last week where they told me that almost all sizes are sold out and I could have signed up for the waiting list. I visited the store again yesterday to try some ready-to-wear items on and bought baggy white jeans, this time with new SA. Then I saw new beige thigh high boots in velvet (I don't know the name of the model, it's not displayed on e-store either) that were similar to Niki but had different heels and asked the SA if my size was in stock. She brought the boots, I tried them on and they looked very nice to be honest, but I still prefer Niki. So I told the SA that I was already on the waiting list for Niki boots and would just wait for my turn. And as a response she smiled sarcastically and said "Good luck". The way she said that seemed to me to be really offensive; in fact, I think she meant you are never going to get the boots. I thought maybe I just misunderstood her and she didn't really mean that, moreover that her face expressions seemed to be very odd to me during the whole time. So, it's my first experience of being on the waitlist at a luxury store, so if you've been on a waitlist for any Saint Laurent product, please share your experience, it will be very helpful. I would have just waited for the boots without many questions if my SA had not been so sarcastic about it, but now I am having doubts about the waiting list. Do you think I should try and contact other stores in Italy as well to have more chance of getting the boots?
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    Hi there. This story does not surprise me. I find the SAs in these boutiques to be very unhelpful to say the least. I was recently in Paris and had a similar experience looking for the mini or small loulou bowing bag in black. If you really want these boots, I would call the other stores in Italy and search online also. I'm not sure which exact style of Niki boots you are looking for. I wouldn't believe most things the SA says - often they are too lazy to look for the item on the system and just say they don't have it. If they can't make a sale, they won't help you find it at anothher store and just say that no one will have it. Just because it's an expensive brand, it does not mean that the quality of the service will be in line with the prices.

    I hope you find them.
  3. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Yesterday I found Niki thigh high boots ins cognac leather at Saint Laurent in La Rinascente, it was on the display and I asked an SA if they had my size, she instantly checked in and brought me the boots to try on. I asked her when they received these boots and they told that approximately at least a week ago. Then I told her that I had been there couple of days ago and I was told by other SA that no Niki boots were in stock. Anyway, I am going to Paris soon and try to find the boots in black as well and decide which color to purchase.
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  4. Hahaha. Typical.
    Hey that sounds positive. Black is always a classic although cognac is great too depending on your wardrobe.

    Good luck finding the perfect pair! (And I don't mean that sarcastically lol)

    Please post updates and pictures :smile:
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  5. I will post the photos, so far I've got picture of Saint Laurent thigh high boots in velvet (not Niki).
    Hopefully, I will post more pics from my Paris trip!
  6. How is the circumference at the top? Is that the Tanger?
  7. Yes, these are Tanger boots. The circumference is not really bigger than the lower part of the boots. I am not very skinny, currently I wear size 4 or 6 (in US sizes), but it was not very tight on my thigh. Actually, I felt that Niki was relatively tighter on my thighs, probably, because they are in leather.
  8. Thanks for the intel! I have the gold suede on pre-order. I have slender calves but thighs, not so much lol. I guess we'll see.
  9. Actually, the SA told me that the right way to wear Tanger boots is to scrunch them down, not the way I wear in the photo :biggrin: so, I don't know which way you prefer but when they are scrunched down they are normally below the knee and won't even approach thigs.
  10. I like the way they look on you and that's how I was picturing to wear them if I get them. I already have a very "scrunchy" pair of Tom Ford. I'm sure these look gorgeous either way! They are nice and tall.
  11. Finally!!!!! After visiting 6 Saint Laurent boutiques (2 in Milan, 4 in Paris), I have finally bought knee-high Niki boots in black leather! Initially, I was going to buy thigh-high but recently decided that knee-high would fit my legs more. I've been going to different Saint Laurent stores today since 9:30 am and eventually I found them at Montaigne boutique. At first, I was at Galeries Lafayette, where they told me that no more knee-high Nikis are left in stock (neither leather nor suede), but as I had already experienced lies from SAs, I continued my SL shopping and visited Printemps, where I was told that they had no Nikis at all. My third Paris boutique was on Rue de Grenelle (only shoes and accessories, no Ready to Wear). Of course, they told me that my size was not in the stock and when I asked them to check the system of all SL boutiques in Paris, the lady told me that the computer had the problem and she would just call to check (obviously she could not have called all boutiques in a minute). She went to a room and came back in a minute and told me that they had only small sizes and 40 (mine is 39 or 39.5). And even after third unsuccessful attempt I decided to try once more and headed to Avenue Montaigne, where I could finally find the boots in size 39.5. I have walked more than 18 km today just for the sake of boots (from time to time I was checking out other stores as well, but my route mostly included Saint Laurent boutiques), so after the tiring day my legs definitely deserved the new boots!
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  13. Yay!! Congratulations :love:
  14. That's one impressive story of hunting down the Niki boots! :tup:
    So glad you found them. Great photo of the suede boots (you are rocking the outfit + love those infinite mirror change rooms) but would still love to see the Niki boots. :smile:
  15. Thank you! :heart:
    Thanks! I will take pictures as soon as I unbox them. Actually, my SA at Montaigne asked me if I wanted her to take pictures of me wearing the boots, but I was exhausted, I wanted to get out of the shop ASAP, holding the huge SL box, and said that I would just immediately buy them :biggrin::biggrin:
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