Saint Laurent Mini Lou or Valentino Rockstud crossbody bag?


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Aug 27, 2020
hi All,

I am really torn between two bags. I am looking to buy a small red bag and i really like Saint Laurent mini lou as well as Valentino Rockstud crossbody bag as two great options.
Can someone please recommend which one to go for considering which one can be more classic and durable?
Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
I have the mini Lou. I really like mine. The tassels are very sexy. It would be lovely in red!
Somehow I think the rockstud has already ran its course. It loosk dated. Please go for the mini Lou!


May 19, 2017
I have both! And I love both. I think valentino rockstud or spike bags are very very underrated. They are fully leather lined, soft structured, light, punky and shockingly versatile. I abhor that bags have to be ’trendy’ to look cool rather than focussing on quality, aesthetics and styling. That is my rant done.

I really like the rockstud bag and rock mine as an evening bag as it is in patent.

Having said that, saint laurent’s styling is very classic and these bags will outlive trends. They are good qual bags too.

Go with what makes your heart sing. You will get more wear out of your Saint Laurent bag as it is a tad more versatile. Good luck And enjoy having the choice.

Also please check out my video on Saint Laurent Lou belt bag. You might find it helpful. Looking forward to connect. Thank you.