Saint Laurent Lou Lou Lovers

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  1. The black mini Lou Lou arrived. Here is a picture with the strap it comes with and a black metal chain I had that I added. I also ordered a silver crossbody chain strap that hasn't arrived yet to use with this bag. 20170608_164017.jpeg 20170608_164054.jpeg 20170608_170736.jpeg 20170608_170744.jpeg
  2. Super cute! Would you mind posting a modeling photo? I love this bag, but with my height at 5'7 I'm not sure if it'd be too short as far as the strap!
  3. Yes I will today when I get dressed for work I am 5'4" so I'm a little shorter than you but hopefully you can get an idea.
  4. 20170609_104457.jpeg 20170609_104520.jpeg 20170609_104428.jpeg the first 3 pics are on with the saint Laurent strap on its longest setting. The 4th picture is with my chain strap I added 20170609_104352.jpeg
    I get all my chain straps from
    They make them in almost any possible length and all different finishes and style of chains.
  5. 20170611_100433.jpeg 20170611_100505.jpeg 20170611_100531.jpeg

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  6. I got the Toy Loulou in blush pink color last week. Here is the picture of me carrying it.

    Also my review of YSL Loulou in youtube
  7. I came across your video just the other day on Youtube! Congrats on the bag, it looks lovely on you :smile:

    I'm getting the black in 2 weeks time! Can't decide between the small and the medium though. I am only 5ft/156cm so the small might look better on me, but for an extra £100 it might be worth getting the medium... decisions, decisions!
  8. 20170802_104126.jpeg 20170802_104119.jpeg
    My new small bowling Lou Lou bag
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  9. Does anyone have the small Lou Lou? I'd love to see some mod shots and what fits inside.
  10. I am getting mine this weekend (if it stays in stock, come on Selfridges!) so I will post some as soon as it's in my hands :smile:
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  11. The bag arrived today! Excuse the dirty mirror and casual outfit, working from home and had to take these pics between meetings! For reference I am 5ft (156cm) and I'm glad I opted for this over the medium!

    IMG_9781.JPG IMG_9783.JPG IMG_9773.JPG IMG_9785.JPG IMG_9787.JPG

    Excuse the Selfridges return tag! Going to keep it on until I examine the bag a little further!


    So in the bag I have my Aspinal card holder in the back pocket, my coin purse, nothing in the middle zipper compartment. In the front section I have my Rayban sunglasses in the case, a Furla key holder and my 30ml Jo Malone perfume, and there's still some space for things like as hand sanitiser, a lipstick etc.

    There's plenty of space for your daily essentials, but no space for a water bottle or umbrella, for instance. I hope that helps you lovely ladies :heart:
  12. Love this little bag, really, really beautiful. Perfection!
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  13. I think I am going to soon pull the trigger and try to find the medium LouLou in black, grey, or burgundy. But I can't decide which! I wear either all black or brightly colored prints/patterns (I'm ridiculous and lack a middle ground). I feel like the black and burgundy would match anything, but somehow in my head, I've decided that the grey might be hard to match.

    I've never owned a grey bag before. I don't even know why I am concerned about matching when I wear bright orange, green, purple, and hot pink bags all the time with no concern or thought to matching.

    What color should I get? And is grey as versatile as black or burgundy?
  14. I'm with the same dilemma, but I already have a black bag so I'm trying to decide between the medium collége in grey or deep red ( burgundy)

    I love burgundy shades, they are like my favourite but lately I've been loving the greys and the neutrals. I do find grey quite neutral and versatile and since I'm like you and use either plain clothing or bright colours and/or patterns I find that maybe the grey will be more versatile!