Saint Laurent Lou Lou Lovers

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  1. Farfetch! Unfortunately the regular LouLous were wiped out (the ones from Browns Fashion through Farfetch) but try the link above for the medium puffer.
  2. Stunning! I have just ordered this one as well from mytheresa. Did anyone use this toy loulou with a separate chain strap?
  3. Hey .. thank u and congratulations on your new bag.. I hope u enjoy and love it as much as I do:smile:
    I use it with the original strap.. I haven’t tried changing it yet..
  4. I swap the leather strap out for a chain strap for dressier evenings. I got this chain strap from life2creation on Etsy...they sell all kinds of chain straps and metal findings.

  5. thank you so much i was wondering the best place for getting a chain strap!! :smile:
  6. Many people recommend Mautto, but I find them quite expensive and shipping costs to Canada are too high. This strap and another wristlet strap I got from life2creation are both heavy duty and great value!
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  7. i ordered a chain strap for mine from ebay and amazon and am happy with both. I agree Mautto is expensive!
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  9. HEllo! New to this forum but I couldn’t help bc I am a HUGE fan of the YSL loulou line. I bought the loulou in medium in the original nude color as shown below. And I love it but I was sort of regretting not getting it in black in silver hardware. I thought the black with silver looks more edgier. In any event, few months later, I saw a black with silver on fashionphile that’s basically brand new for much cheaper. So in the end I have two loulou in silver and gold hardware. But I am debating if I should sell the nude color bc I can’t justify keeping both! Or should I??? Husband thinks I should keep both.m bc otherwise I would lose money on the nude on since I paid full. Any thoughts?!?
    These are GREAT bags, durable to fullest extent, perfect size, smells amazing, looks incredible, and comfortable to wear.
    Anyways let me know what you guys would do!!


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  10. Lots of people have multiples of bags they love...Birkins, Gucci Soho Discos, Chanel flap bags and Lou Lous . Keep and enjoy!
  11. If you're going to use both, KEEP!
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  12. Both of your Loulous are absolutely stunning! Especially that nude and gold—it’s perfection! I would definitely keep both. I just purchased the medium dark smog color Loulou with gold hardware, and I am also already planning on purchasing the dark red medium Loulou next, as I fell in love with that color combo too while in the YSL boutique. I opted to get the seasonal color first, as I believe the dark red should be available longer as it might be a permanent color.
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  13. Lots of people have multiples of bags they love...Birkins, Gucci Soho Discos, Chanel flap bags and Lou Lous . Keep and enjoy!
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  14. Picked this beaut up during the Saks gift card promotion a couple days ago and got a $600 gift card with it! I originally bought the same bag 2 days before Saks started the promotion, so when I saw they were having a promotion I bought it again haha, and it turned out that the one I got without the promotion came scratched and not packaged well and was obviously a return, but the one that came with the gift card was absolutely pristine!! I never went to see the LouLou in store so I wasn't sure what to expect, but WOW this bag is STUNNING in person, it's so luxurious and heavier than I thought it would be but I like that because it makes it feel higher quality to me. This is my third Saint Laurent bag and I've had such good experiences with all their products, I think it might officially be my favorite brand now. I'm gonna use the gift card on another YSL bag tomorrow 'cause I'm hooked :biggrin: IMG_1052.jpg
  15. I have the black and silver one. It is so lovely. if you can afford and love both why not keep them and wear them? And congrats at getting the black at a good price. It looks flawless!