Saint Laurent Lou Lou Lovers

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  1. I’m so glad I found this thread. I think they all are gorgeous! There’s not many videos on the Lou Lou so this thread has been very helpful as I’m going to order one this morning since Nieman Marcus has a gift card event. I think I’m going with black with gold hardware in medium.
  2. OMG! She’s beautiful! I’m ordering this morning while there is a gift card event at NM.
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  3. Beautiful!! ♥️♥️
  4. To the ladies who have been owning the lou lou in a light color for a while, how’s the color transfer?

    I’m considering the small lou lou in the beige with gold hardware but I’m worried about the color and honestly also about the wear and tear, especially the corners.

    I considered the college too but at the store I saw one that was already crumpled up so bad. I’m hoping the lou lou will keep it’s structure better.

    I don’t wear jeans but I do mainly wear black.

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  5. I have the toy loulou in light natural. I sprayed it w appleguard. I’ve worn in for a few weeks w no issue until the other day I got a tiny bit of denim transfer on one corner. It wiped right off w a baby wipe and then I sprayed that spot again w appleguard.
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  6. Would anyone be interested in purchasing my Loulou in medium black with gold hardware? Bought it a few months ago and didn't expect it to be so massive, especially on me (I'm 5'1). It's practically brand new, only used once. I live in Montreal, Canada.
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  7. Since we don’t have an “in action” thread.... Heading to my 30th high school reunion with my trusty toy Loulou. Think the dark turquoise looks great against yellow!

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  8. I saw your post and was wondering, do you remember what was the width of the chain that you purchased from mautto? I am not sure if I should go with 1/4 or 3/8.

    If anyone else has attached a chain to their Toy Lou Lou, what width did you guys go with for the chain? Pictures will be helpful, THANK YOU!
  9. Hi, I'm thinking of buying my first Saint Laurent bag loulou in medium size. Don't know which color to get or which hardware? I'm warm toned and blonde hair color if that counts. At the moment I don't have a black bag. But I don't wear that much black anyway. I'm thinking navy, grey or the beige.
  10. Hi there! I have the 1/4” braided strap I use for fancier going out occasions. It’s a bit thinner than the leather strap that comes with the Toy, but it’s pretty heavy. I think the 3/16” would be good in the braided. But depends on the style of chain you like.

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  11. My New Toy ❤️ 58720A32-D639-4CFC-8E48-6021B5CD8FDC.jpeg A9BD93F4-DA68-452C-9B9F-DA5E9E7251E1.jpeg
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  12. Has anyone purchased or seen, in person, the Loulou Puffer bag? I’ve just fallen in love with it and can’t decide between small and medium. I’m a small person so I feel like the small would be better, but I also think the more puff the merrier for this bag.
  13. Hi, i have not purchased the bag. It is a very new style so i don't think many people would own it yet. It depends what you intend to use it for. The Small would be great if you want to mainly carry it crossbody with your essentials. I think it's a nice size.

    But if you wanted to carry more things say during the day or for work, the Medium would be better.

    I have seen these bags in store and they are very cool effortless looking bags. Really edgy, rocker and very YSL.

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  14. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your reply. I’m going to go with the small, and just hope I’m cool enough to do the bag justice (spoiler: I’m not cool at all, ha!).
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  15. Haven’t been so enamored with a purse in a long time! This really is a perfect purse.

    The only thing I haven’t gotten down yet is how to close the magnet quickly when worn, it takes a little finagling to hear the snap.

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