Saint Laurent Lou Lou Lovers

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  1. does anyone who had Problems with the folded Corners got an Exchange?
  2. Nice bag collection! Would you know if the top handle Loulou are still sold somewhere? And have you experienced any color transfer on your beige/nude bag? Thank you!
  3. Purchaced my first ysl the other day getting this gorgeous Lou lou small tote with gold hardware

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  4. Love this bag! Love the way you’ve styled this bag! Looks so effortlessly chic.
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  5. Thank you so much
  6. The Ysl medium Lou Lou is something i am looking to get- is the leather really delicate In the wear ?
  7. I *finally* got my replacement Loulou! (A couple of months ago I purchased small size and there was a defect in the purse and it was just too small). This time I got the medium and it is the perfect size and so beautiful. Edgy chic! The pictures do not do the color justice! I just love this red!

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  8. It’s an absolutely stunning red. Medium is the perfect size. Congratulations!
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  9. TY!!
  10. Just stunning. What is the name of this red?
  11. Eros red :smile:
  12. So my next bag is going to be the LouLou... Similar styles Saint Laurent bags I already are the College in the large size and the Metalesse flap in the medium size.... I'm looking at the beige/natural color (I attached a pic of the color)

    However, I'm torn on the Small or Medium size.... I'm 5'1, 115 lbs... So I'm rather petite, but I can pull off larger bag styles... I have looked at both sizes & they both look well on my frame, just two completely different styles. Any input?! Thanks :heart:

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  13. I do not have any YSL stores or even Saks, Nordtroms etc near me so I mostly shop online (or when travelling). I first purchased the Loulou small in eros red and found it too small. I ended up returning and getting the Medium and I am so happy with my decision. It holds more and on my frame it definitely looks better.
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    I’ve been lusting after the Loulou all year, debating between the toy and the camera as I only need a small crossbody. Since I’ve retired early and have a very casual lifestyle, I was really struggling with justifying the expense. But today I finally had the chance to play with them IRL vs contemporary brands like the Marc Jacobs Snapshot.

    And...I decided to use the majority of my clothing budget for the year to invest in ONE thing that I LOVE and will get a ton of use from. And couldn’t be happier!!!

    Debated between the earth and dark turquoise colors... I wear a lot of grays and olives and denim. Went with dark’s so beautiful! Ranges from a forest green to ocean blue depending on the lighting. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    C9B56BB9-8C14-4482-9482-05102EE199BB.jpeg 11DD3BE2-D0DB-4D99-9669-059B2C7BD45B.jpeg
  15. Love how it looks with olive green and denim!

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