Saint Laurent Lou Lou Lovers

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Yesterday I received my medium Loulou bag in black, silver hardware. The leather looks creased/damaged to me. What do you think? Should I exchange it? Many thanks for helping me out!

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  2. The large was way too big , & the small size was a nice size but, The medium is perfect size for me... ! I’m 5’3 ....Hope his helps❤️
  3. This helps! I was having doubts about the medium still being big on me. But the small is just small. My work bag sure has a ton of things in there.
  4. Depends on what you need it for. Medium for work, but for everyday and dinners, small.
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  5. Can you wear the medium crossbody? I feel like the small and toy are only crossbody options?
  6. Sure can, the bag sits right under my waist.. but, personally I wouldn’t wear it crossbody I don’t like how it looks... worn that way.
  7. Do you find your large Lou Lou durable enough for daily work bag duty, including carrying around a laptop? I think it’s beautiful but I’d hate to absolutely destroy it...
  8. I would love to see any mod shots with medium / large size worn crossbody
  9. of Course they are and will always be. All European brands are cheaper in Europe. Gucci, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, ..etc
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  10. My Loulou collection from the last couple sale seasons:

    Top Handles (very versatile size between the small and medium with an adjustable strap!) in black and dark beige

    Velvets in emerald toy and deep dark sea (teal) small

    ....and a couple more toys in khaki and black patent
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  11. Just gorgeous :heart:. Great collection:smile:
    I really like the top handle LouLou! I got one from Neimans, but it arrived slighted dented in the front. I sent it back and got my Niki instead, but I still would love another Loulou
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  12. So ladies,

    are the Problems with the lou lou bags now fixed by saint Laurent? or still the same issues like at the start?

    I just bought a lou lou small 3 weeks ago and didn't waste a thought at the Problems. but now I'm like ooo I totally forgot about the many Problems pf members had with this bag here :shocked:
  13. do you know what problems they were having?