Saint Laurent Lou Lou Lovers

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  1. I think it’s gorgeous!
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  2. It’s an absolutely stunning and rich looking colour. I hope you kept it.
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  3. I think it's gorgeous.
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  4. It’s beautiful
    It’s beautiful
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  5. First day out with my small Loulou

  6. Vacationing with my small lou Lou 20190116_180245.jpg
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  7. Beautiful choices ladies but the smooth Loulou leather looks so delicate... enjoy!
  8. I decided to send it back. I think I am going to wait until I am in the city in the spring and go to saks to pick out my bag in person. I was really disappointed with quality. I also regretted not getting the medium. Although had the quality been perfect I would have kept the bag.

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  9. I love the colour with the antique gold hardware!!
  10. Received my gorgeous Lou Lou !! Got the Wedges to match her too ....

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  11. will there be any new colours release for spring / summer?
  12. Heard the hardware of the silver LouLou oxidises. Anyone have the same experience?
  13. Hi everyone. First time poster here.

    I bought a Small Lou Lou last week in-store in NY and decided to use it yesterday and today. I actually exchanged the actual bag I bought because I noticed there were so many creases already on the flap. So when I exchanged it I only checked the exterior (which was kinda my mistake) and when I got home I examined the interior carefully. I saw the “Saint Laurent” logo was chipped? a little bit on the letters NT (photos attached). I also noticed that the bag creased waaaay to quickly even though I was extremely careful with it these past 2 days that I used it.

    Am I being too picky? Should I go and exchange and for the 2nd time? Is this normal for this kind of leather?

    Btw, this is my first quilted luxury bag. I have a few luxury bags that are calfskin but they are structured so I’m quite inexperienced with this kind of style. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    P.S. excuse my english it’s not my first language

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  14. Ladies! Would you suggest the Loulou in medium or small for a 5ft 1 lady?
  15. Your bag should be perfect when you buy it. No creases..