Saint Laurent Lou Lou Lovers

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  1. I just bought the same one! It's supposed to arrive on Monday :happydance:

    I am loving the loulou so much that I bought the small right after I just recently got the toy loulou in black:eek:

  2. Same here I purchased this right after a medium Loulou....I got the small for a weekend these bags
  3. I have the medium, and thinking of getting a small on July for my birthday. :smile:
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  4. How did you guys choose between the shw and ghw? I just can’t decide?!
  5. I picked ghw because it just goes better with most of my outfits! I also feel like it looks dressier.
  6. I have the black medium in silver. Is it overkill to get a black small in silver?

    Or should I go black/gold?

    I am cool-toned, I don’t really wear jewelry. I wear black, white, sometimes jewel pink, occasionally cobalt/royal blue.
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  7. I would go black/gold!
  8. What did you end up getting?
  9. Welp I did it! I purchased the YSL LouLou in small in red leather. I really went back and forth on the small and the medium but in the end I went with the small because I think it works a bit better as a cross body than the medium. I also view the medium as more of an everyday work size bag than what my purposes would be (evenings and weekends). I literally watched every youtube video and read everything I could find on the purse forum including all 33 pages of this thread. This is my FIRST brand new luxury bag and I am so excited (and wanted to make sure I was spending my money right)! I have purchased a few other luxury bags from fashionphile but I find that recently their prices are maybe $100 off retail which is off putting. I purchased the LouLou from Saks with a coupon code and saved $350! P.S. I am definitely on bag ban until at least June! I will post pics when I get my bag :heart:

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  10. Ladies,

    Do you think the corners of the Loulou will wear quickly since they're folded?
  11. I didn’t end up getting another LouLou. I am so obsessed with my black Medium LouLou with silver hardware. :smile:
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  12. I think every bag no matter how good the quality is will always wear out at the corner. But that's ok, we buy a bag to use and given the price point, it should be use to the fullest to maximise it :smile:
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  13. True. But I meant, is this design more prone to wearing out at the corner?
  14. Hi ladies,
    Im new here and I was hoping you can help me.

    I saw this Loulou bag on a secondhand website. Do you think it is real?

    9F2FB089-9148-4511-AD9D-74650D30234D.jpeg EE036DA9-76F3-4FA9-9EF0-0A37155ADC26.jpeg 1C1A4EA8-B883-49F1-A259-CAC3592C01BE.jpeg 70960F11-818B-4D26-9FFE-DD8B72975D13.jpeg 62B48104-F941-4388-9E53-DEA2A7F455C0.jpeg 81EFE559-D2CB-4F97-A27F-C48585844096.jpeg
  15. To answer my own question I think the bag is fake. I just looked up a lot of velvet Loulou’s online and they all didn’t have the logo on the inside of the flap. Also i think the YSL logo on the bag is a bit messy (around the S and the L). Do you guys agree?
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