Saint Laurent Lou Lou Lovers

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  1. Commuting home everyday from work is alot easier and more fun with my loulou[emoji4] 1543966374304.jpg
  2. Is it medium or large? So beautiful
  3. I’m so torn between these bags!
    Does anyone know the shades or have these bags. The mytheresa one doesn’t come with the box

  4. Large! Fits laptop and everything!
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  5. Has anyone purchased the Lou Lou document holder before? Omg this stole my heart in store!!! It’s gorgeous and very spacious!



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  6. Finally it's here. It showing too red in the picture but it's lovely red. Finally a red a gain to my collection.
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  7. Joining this club! I bought my first Saint Laurent bag and first velvet bag. Curious how the wear and tear will be.
    But i’m so in love with it!
    This size is so perfect, next year i want to get a leather one as well.
  8. Absolutely beautiful! I really want a velvet bag LouLou too! Is this the toy or small size?
  9. My first YSL purchase - new medium MONOGRAMME LOULOU in Dark Khaki...I love it :heart: 20181219_204329.jpg
  10. This is the toy size. I love it! I don’t carry much, so i have a ton of room left.
  11. Hello ladies! I just got my beloved ysl loulou in medium black with ghw about a month ago. Ive only used the bag 4 times and Im beginning to see the top of the flap where the chain slots are is starting to crease from flipping the flap up when opening the bag. Is it normal to crease this quickly? I uploaded a picture to show where it is.

    This is my first luxury bag and I was wondering if this is normal for the leather to crease so quickly with only using it 4 times. Im lowkey freaking out because Im uncertain how much more it will crease in the future since it is already showing signs in veryyyy minimal usage. Anyone can share their wear and tear experience on this bag?

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  12. Is this still the case that the Lou Lou’s are cheaper in Europe? Heading to Italy this July so maybe I will hold off until then. Advice please!
  13. Hello ladies, i recently start to want as crazy a loulou bag in medium! I am a little thoughtful because i already have a black Saint Laurent envelope in large size(with gold details) and i think that they might look the same! I want the loulou either in grey or in beige. What do you think?
  14. I think the loulou is more casual than the envelope.
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