Saint Laurent Lou Lou Lovers

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  1. Thank you all so much :heart:
  2. Hey guys.
    Just shared my Lou Lou bag last night, and upon opening all the little envelope with the auth cards and all...I didn't see a fabric swatch! The little square that is the same material and color of the bag.
    Just curious if any of you Lou Lou owners have that little swatch? I reached out YSL via email and they told me some YSL bags don't have that swatch, which really doesn't make sense to me why some would and some don't.
  3. I bought mine directly from a YSL store and I didn’t get a fabric swatch. I don’t think I’ve received one for any of my purchases.
  4. I've noticed these in my SDJs (perhaps other styles as well). But, I don't recall seeing any of these in the Loulous I recently purchased.
  5. Hi!
    I'm contemplating the loulou ... How is it holding up ?
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  6. i love mine. i have a toy in black that i snagged from fashionphile a few months ago. it's my go-to when i'm running out to the store, etc. it still looks brand new. i love it so much. see my post above -- i just bought the small size in the blue velvet as more of a statement bag and i want a medium, too! it's so practical in call sizes and so easy to carry! :heart:
  7. 20181126_103443.jpg
    Here's my medium loulou with ghw next to my Reissue 226. It's so plush and light! :heart:
  8. I got my very first YSL today. I got this one on sale on sale. I thought I would want a large bag since all my other bags are so small like my small Chanel BOY. Besides boy I own Gucci Marmint velvet medium and Chanel coco handle. I don’t like my Chanel so much because of the small size. They are not so functional (can’t hold so much). So anyway I thought YSL Loulou large will serve the purpose when I travel aboard. What do you guys think? I took some pictures. Please excuse my PJ.

    The comparison pictures with my LV grorge BB

    Attached Files:

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  9. Beautiful congratulations! I can’t decide between getting the small or medium LouLou with gold hardware. I have the medium LouLou with silver hardware and I’m obsessed with it and I wouldn’t mind another medium.
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  10. this the earth color? I think you pull it off well, given its size. I also think the large looks better under the arm double strapped than the other sizes.
  11. I’m a big fan of the large size. I think it’s great for travel or if you take a lot of stuff to work. I think the proportions of the large is very nice.
  12. Yes. It is earth color. I have many black bags. So I needed something in natural colors but not black :smile:

    Thank you. I think I’m keeping it.
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  13. I like the feet of the large bag. I might need a medium too someday. I’m broke now :smile:
  14. F03B7A9A-1B1D-4AFD-BBB0-683E0243F77A.jpeg here she is! Medium with silver hardware