Saint Laurent Lou Lou Lovers

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  1. Has anyone seen this bag in person? It's not available in any stores near me, so I pre-ordered it in October from Saks in rose but it's not expected to ship until late March - I'm getting antsy! I've seen this bag called the large 'loulou', 'slouchy' and 'y-quilt' chain shoulder bag on Ysl, Saks and Neiman Marcus websites (available in black, grey and rose pink). If you have this bag or have seen it, please let me know your thoughts. TIA :smile:
  2. Nope haven't seen this one but I love the color and the quilting!
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  3. IMG_5028.jpg
  4. IMG_5030.JPG
  5. IMG_5031.jpg
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  6. IMG_5036.JPG IMG_5034.jpg
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  8. Post some pics when you get it!
  9. I tried out the white one for a minute, it's gorgeous but it's MASSIVE! :P

    The material is so yummy though, I would be happy just squishing it all day long!

    Post pictures when it arrives! :nuts:
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  10. The large size definitely looks gigantic based on the photos online. I also pre-ordered a medium so I'm thinking that will be more practical.

    Is it smooth leather or does it have a tiny grain to it?
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  11. will do going tomorrow..!
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  12. I just compared the dimensions - the large size is even bigger than a maxi classic flap! May have gotten in over my head a bit :lol:
  13. It's absolutely gorgeous based on all these pictures. I love the look of the slouchy leather, so chic!
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  14. I like my bags oversized, I like to carry a million things around with me during the day so I figured this was a no-brainier. However, because I mostly wear black, I ordered it in white as I like a statement bag. But when I actually saw it I actually laughed! I tried it on, and WOW! It was bigger than any bag I had ever had! I think it looked much bigger also because it was white, it looked like a giant marshmallow (not a bad thing!)
    I swear, it is a gorgeous bag and if you have it in black I have no doubt the effect wont be the same. It had no grain to it, it was completely smooth, and just so soft.
    The day it arrived I took some pictures, unfortunately the monogram had pushed the front flap in a little, but I am sure over time it would 're-inflate'.
    Here are some pictures I took of the purse with other purses for comparison. Apologies for the photos being so dark, I only transferred them and hadn't noticed until just now.
    IMG_5542.JPG IMG_5543.JPG IMG_3364.JPG
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  15. Gorgeous! The leather looks very supple, I want to reach out and touch it. I've ordered the light pink (rose) in large and a beige in medium. I will post pics when they arrive. Enjoy your beauty!
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