Saint Laurent Leather Slides Making Noise...

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  1. I got a pair of these super cool looking slides today. However, before I even wear them out, I tried walked around on my house area rugs, and they....make fart noises :nuts: every step I walk...I guess it's the air being pushing down by my bare feet lol. :-s Does anyone experience similar issues? I tried those on in the stores with my sock liners and didn't notice they make sounds.So I guess they are going back... I really like them though. Any suggestions? Do they ever get softer and not making noises?:doh: TIA
  2. Wow! I'm sorry to hear that, I was thinking about getting those slides too (if we're talking about the same ones).

    I hope this is a ISOLATED incident!
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  3. It might just the pair I had. My advice is try them on in the store with bare feet and listen carefully because the music they played in the store may be too loud for you to hear the noises :smile: Luckily YSL has really good store exchange policy - 30 days! I ended up exchanged my slides to a pair of espadrilles. Yay!!
  4. Honestly, this is me in every slide I buy. I think it's just the shape of our feet in that style of shoes.
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