Saint Laurent Espadrilles Sizing

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  1. Hi, I'm interested in buying a pair of SL espadrilles, can any owners tell me whether they are TTS? Thx!

  2. True to size or a little on the generous side - they definitely don't run small in my experience with owning two pairs :smile:
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  3. Thanks, I have just ordered a pair with my usual size, hope they will fit!
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  4. Has anyone seen the YSL espadrilles with the logo? Sooo cute! Was wondering if these run TTS as well? ysl.jpg
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  5. My shoes came today! They fit but are a bit tight on the top (maybe my feet are too thick?). But I'm sure they will stretch a bit coz it's leather. I think I'd say they are TTS or slightly on the smaller side. They are really cute!
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  6. My new YSL espys! IMG_1486081968.951083.jpg
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  7. I hope people continue posting their Saint Laurent Espadrilles on here. Love seeing them!
  8. I wore mine out for the first time! They are so cute!
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  9. Just received my pair in black leather with the logo size 37.5 but will have to exchange for the size 37. I would say to stay with you normal size and don't go 1/2 size bigger... they look very cute on!!!!
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  10. Have you found they have stretched? I received mine today and they arnt tight like I was imagining and I'm worried they will stretch and become too big however I'm not sure if I went down half a size if the length would be too short?
  11. They do stretch a bit since it's leather, but for me not to the point that it becomes too loose. But for espadrilles they should feel snug when brand new.
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  12. Thank you I think I will return them for a 37.5 as I can see them stretching and slipping off. I'll let you know how I go
  13. Mine are very true to size. Not too big but with a comfortable amount of space but I have short toes
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  14. Thanks! I've returned them for a 37.5 which hopefully will arrive next week. After being pregnant my shoe sizes seem to be all over the place!