Saint Laurent Classic Monogram College Shoulder bag

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  1. Hi, I've recently purchased this bag that Gigi Hadid is wearing here ( I purchased it before I knew she owned it and then found out and took it as a good sign) and was wondering if anyone else owns it and what your thoughts are on it? hopefully I made a good choice!

    gigi.jpg gigi2.jpg
  2. I also recently purchased the same one in pale blush (I think that's the color) but are now having second thoughts on if maybe I should've gotten the black.

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  3. Omg no way that color is absolutely stunning I love it! I almost got that shade but had another bag in that color already! Do you love the bag though? Or have you not used it yet
  4. Keep! Black is gorgeous but more typical.
  5. I still have not used it :sad: .... I've been up and down with it on whether or not to exchange. The only thing is that black is always available and soooooo much classier looking
    I had to literally call all over the US to locate this color. It's sold out online.
  6. Really?!?! You think I should? It's nice to have you ladies opinions because I'm pretty sure I'm driving my husband absolutely nuts .. lol
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  7. What is it about the nude that you don't like?
  8. It's not that I don't like it. I'm just thinking practical because the black seems like I can dress and up or down more and use it all year round here in NY. But who says you can't wear blush in the winter?
  9. I wear blush all year around! Hahaha. I really think you should keep this one. I've only seen this bag in black and the more beige color. Do you have any other black bags?
  10. No I don't, besides my LV XXL Mahina in my profile pic ... I initially didn't purchase in black because my plan was to purchase a Chanel medium boy later in the year.
  11. Hi Guys, I think either is fairly neutral & wearable. I've just bought the silver grey one with silver hardware & really like it! Can I ask, does anyone know whether apart from the dustbag, card, & leather sample, if you're buying second hand are there serial numbers or holograms hidden anywhere for the grey & thinking about another!!
  12. I love the black and the blush color! Has anyone seen this bag in black with silver hardware?
  13. I received mine as a gift in March. However, I only use it for special occasions. I find that if you over stuff it, the sides of the bag will lose its shape. Also it pops open quite a bit which becomes annoying. Other than that, I receive many compliments. Mine is black with gold hardware.
  14. What's the difference between this and the college design? Besides the handle and strap? Anything else? Different leather?