Saint Laurent Candy Bags. Help me decide!:)

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  1. #1 Mar 17, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2014
    I'm thinking of buying a Saint Laurent Candy Bag, but I'm not sure which one to choose. Black croc with silver hardware or black/white with gold hardware? Also i'm worried that the bag might be too small. What are your opinions?

    I have a lot of bags with black leather and silver hardware (givenchy obsedia, chanel boy,..) because I always go for black bags with silver, so the first one would be a saver choice. But I kind of like the black/white one and it could be something different?

    Thanks for your help!:smile:

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  2. totally in love with the striped style ;)
    it's soooo cool :cool:
  3. yeah me too!! :loveeyes: I think I will go for the striped one...
  4. OMG, LOVE the black x white stripes!!!!! Awesome bag to carry the essentials!
  5. Definitely the Black and White Stripes.. If you have so many with Black w/ SHW, it will become boring!! Go for your gut instinct!!

    As a guy I really like the first one though.. it would be cute to get one and well, I don't know use it for.. I don't know.. maybe not get it since i have no use for it, but it is just so darn cute!
  6. The black-and-white striped one! It's really cute and different :tup:
  7. I preordered the striped one on luisaviaroma, thank you!:smile:
  8. Hi there,

    I am thinking of getting one myself, but the size on the pictures with the model really makes me wonder if it is not too small... but I really love the style of the Candy...;)
  9. Definitely the stripped one! So cute and chic!!
  10. I wish it was bigger, it's adorable. :sad:
  11. I received my bag today, and it really is even smaller than expected. It fits a credit card, a lipstick, and well that's about it. Guess you use it more like an accessory than a bag. But I still loooove the striped design and the bag in general, no regrets (except that it is pricey for such a tiny tiny bag);)

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