Saint Laurent Box and Dustbag

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  1. So I have the large envelope bag and while I was moving I lost or threw away my box and dustbag! I can't even believe how upset I am over this but I am! So I've been searching to see if people actually sell these items and to my surprise, they do. But I can't tell for the life of me if the box is for shoes or a purse, unless they show the sticker and the dustbag, is there a difference between the shoes and purse ones? Should the lining be white? I really can't remember but I think mine was white. I'm really tempted to buy another purse and keep the stuff and send back the bag, lol, but I won't. Any info would be great!!
  2. Mine have a white interior. I completely feel your frustration! I bought a gorgeous red velvet gucci bag at Neiman Marcus recently & they informed me they do not supply boxes. I was so upset! They were very rude! That being said, i’ve always had amazing memorable experiences at any Saint Laurent store i’ve been to, i would contact a SA & explain the situation. It would help to bring the purse with you & present the authenticity card.