Saint Laurent Bellechasse

  1. Has anyone seen this bag? My SA said it's part of the new collection. A new take on the Lulu, perhaps? It looks like it has a nice structure. I think I saw it in Saint Laurent Saint Sulpice but I wasn't able to check the inside.

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  2. Interested in this as well. It reminds me of the Celine classic box...
  3. Yeah I def got Lulu vibes when I first saw this as I own three myself.

    Checked it out in store a couple weeks ago, and I prefer the Lulu. Mainly because of the hardware, but also the strap.

    I do however love the leather and suede combo they seem to be sticking with on the Bellechasse, and the color of the nude one in real life is the perfect neutral, not too brown, not too pink
  4. I'm getting celine box vibes from this one but at a much more tempting price point lol. any one have this yet and can give a review on it??
  5. I'm interested in this beauty as well. Still regret that I didn't buy Lulu (which is in my opinion even more beautiful than this one from the new collection).
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  6. Beautiful bag, anyone have any feedback/reviews on it?!
  7. My Bellechasse in brown arrived a few days ago. When I ordered I wasn’t really sure about keeping it but I had to see it irl first. And since there are no Saint Laurent boutiques nearby, I ordered online to examine the bag at home.
    I’ve had an eye on this one for so long and turns out it’s a keeper. At least for me.
    I haven’t taken it out yet, since with the colour and all it’s more of a fall bag and we’re still having sunny days here.
    But it has a simple and clean design. The leather and suede combo is so beautiful and all in all I’m truly content with my purchase.
    Can’t wait to take it out.
  8. Well, fall came faster than I thought. 35169F06-26D5-4080-ABCD-A64F7D5EC4E1.jpeg B9A64258-F66C-4EBD-8791-5505B117B2B3.jpeg
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