Saint Laurent at the Toronto Premium Outlets

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  1. I heard that Saint Laurent recently opened at the Toronto Premium Outlets. Has anyone been there yet? What is the selection like? Does anyone have intel on what their Boxing Day special will be? Thanks in advance!
  2. I was there on their "soft opening" date which was the day before their official opening and it was AMAZING. They had so many bags that were full-price styles that were discounted, maybe to create hype for the store or something like that. Tons of Sac de Jours, College bags, Sunset bags, and other bags. I saw men's Wyatt boots several versions (all black) that are currently selling full price at the boutiques on 50% off! I went back last week and all of those items have sold out.

    It was one of the best outlet store experiences I have ever had. Never seen so many full-price non-discontinued styles on sale before, at any outlet for that matter.
  3. Thanks for the intel averagejoe. It sounds great! I will definitely check it out now. Happy holidays! xo
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  4. I was there today! Extra 40% off ready-to-wear!
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  5. I was also there today. Good selection and lots of actual stuff you see in stores. As opposed to Gucci and Prada which looked like it’s made for outlet (some of it).
    The wait was insane though and they had 3 people shopping inside. Not cool
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  6. Thanks everyone. Heading there hopefully sometime this or next week. Did anybody see the Camera bag there by any chance?

    Pictures of the store stock would be great if somebody took any. Thanks!
  7. I saw a couple but odd colours - a red one and a white one , it was a good price I think 800-something?
  8. Thanks @Luba87. Hope to find something in a neutral colour when I go there. :smile:
  9. Would love to see what you end up getting :smile:
  10. Went today and the line ups were ok. Waited at YSL for about 20 minutes but stock was very picked through. The SA told me that they sold most stock already and don’t know yet when they’ll get more in...
    They had a few small sized (Baby) SDJ’s in light beige for $2,229 and the red and white camera bag for like $750-ish. Nothing that caught my attention really. Ended up buying a crossbody bag from Miu Miu for under $800 before taxes. That very similar bag sells for double the price at their boutiques. Happy with my purchase. :smile:

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  11. Anybody knows an SA there I can contact. I'm looking for a nude clutch or WOC.
  12. Hi are there woc available at the premium outlets? I was quoted price of sgd1300 for the smaller woc, seller claimed she got it from discounted outlet store in the US. Would like to verify this, thanks lots!
  13. Do they have any kate or sunset bags?
  14. Do you know if they have any Cabas or Downtown Cabas? is it cheaper than in Retail stores?
  15. I wasn't looking for these in particular when I went last time so I don't know. They had a lot of Sac de Jour bags, though.
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