Saint Jacques vs. Alma

  1. I have recently decided I wanted a LV bag. It will be my first, and I want the Epi leather in either red or yellow. I love how the yellow is lined with purple.
    I really like the unique shape of the Saint Jacques, but the Alma is cute too. I've seen them both in person, but never side by side, and I dont have a LV store near by to compare them together. So I turn to you all, the trusty experts, for help.

    Of the two which do you think will hold more? And I'd appreciate everyones opinions on each and experiences if you own one. Thanks so much everyone!
  2. i have both, they are pretty roomy. i think it depends on your prefrence for hand held or shoulder.
  3. Both are really gorgeous bags... but I'd get the Saint Jacques now and the Alma later, since the Saint Jacques is discontinued.
  4. The yellow is also discontinued, so if you can get either bag in yellow then DO!
  5. I like the Saint Jacques - so rarely seen!
  6. I have 2 almas and love this bag. great shape and easy to get in and out of.
  7. I have a red epi alma and love it!! It fits a lot and has a cell phone pocket and inside pocket. I also have the mono alma. To me, it's just such a classic bag and goes with everything, dressed up or down. I vote for alma!!
  8. I'd go with either one....they're both beautiful!
  9. My vote is for the Red Epi St Jacques. I have one and love it even though I haven't used it yet. I just had to have it.
  10. Wow, the votes are about even! I think I'm gonna opt for the Saint Jacques because it's kinda different. I just love the shape of it. Thanks for all your input!
  11. I think the St Jacques is gorgeous in yellow!
  12. I don't have an alma, but I've had my red epi St. Jacques poignees longues
    for over 4 years and I haven't used it (shameful!). Anyway, I love how it's a shoulder bag.
  13. How about an epi Lussac? It's like having an Alma with long straps!:idea:

    I have a friend who owns both - Saint Jacques and Lussac and she raves about them both! IMO, either one would be a great choice!
  14. I have the St Jacques with long straps in black and it's been my work bag for the past year - have always received comments on how unusual the shape is!

    It's roomy enough to hold my wallet, Vernis coin pouch, mobile, blackberry and a small umbrella. You need to wear in the straps a bit cos it felt a bit stiff when it first came, but now it's great!
  15. I think I've definitly decided on the St. Jacques. Now I only need to decide between long or short staps!

    I've seen listings for different sizes. I think one might be a shopper and the other just a regular St. Jacques....Does that ring a bell with anyone?