Saint Germain BB or Alma BB

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  1. Hello I am looking for a bag that I can use for evening as well as on weekends. I have the favorite mm, speedy b25 and neverfull mm all in DE. I was thinking of getting either Alma BB in EPI Noir or Saint Germain BB in noir. I am short 5'ft. I have tried the pallas clutch in noir but its too small and ive tried eva clutch and its too small. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated

    Ps. Im trying not to purchase a Chanel piece because its too expensive so I thought LV could satisfy my small bag needs
  2. Alma bb in Epi Noir would be a good choice. Gucci Soho Disco might also satisfy your small but roomy bag needs.
  3. +1 on the disco. I have one in black and love it so much its a small bag but fits a ton
  4. St. Germain BB! That no competition compared to the Alma BB.
  5. Alma bb!
  6. St. Germaine bb is very elegant for evenings and is very similar to Chanel square mini so holds enough while not too big. Plus I love the empreinte leather more than epi.
  7. Based on the title I was going to vote for Alma BB but in black I think Saint Germain is more interesting.
  8. Alma bb (but the shoulder strap is very long). And +1 on the Gucci soho disco as well!
  9. Saint germain bb! I'm not sure of the strap length for that one but I know the alma bb's would be too long for you. I'm the same height as you and bought the alma bb epi hoping I could get over it being too long but I didn't and it still continued to annoy me months later.
  10. I have the St Germain BB in noir in emp leather and it's gorg. I don't know how it compares to the other options you listed but in itself is totally appropriate for day to evening and weekends. If I have anything bulky and needs to bring along I just bring along a small book bag. And it's not heavy at all, very light.
  11. Alma BB
  12. I am stalking the metal epi bb so am biased- I would have said the St. Germain because I love the emprente but now my obsession is with the bb in metal. Good luck with your decision- no bad choices here.

  13. +1 and it's lighter than the Chanel square mini in caviar.

    The shoulder drop is slightly shorter than the Chanel square mini (mine is 21").
    So I guess the St-Germaine BB should be around 20".

    I love the empreint leather too, it's so soft! Unfortunately it's too short for crossbody for me. I'm 5 ft 5, but wearing on the shoulder is fine.
  14. I vote for St Germain BB... more elegant and special for evening since you have favorite MM (more casual small bag). I tried St Germain BB in the store and guess the strap length should be around 23 inches same as my rectangular mini when I compared both in the store. Chanel square mini strap length is 20.5 inches, probably perfect length for your height.

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  15. I love both. I was going to get the empreinte cherry st germaine bb but ended up getting a alma bb in rose ballerine vernis. It's so hard to choose they're both really cute small bags but I also think it depends on what you carry with you as well. Alma bb can definitely hold more