SailorNep - Home Bistro's lobster?

  1. Hi, SailorNep

    You recently posted on the Dream Dinner thread about

    I'm interested to try it. You said you had just ordered the lobster dish.

    How was it? Was the lobster tender?

    I'd love to hear your report on the lobster and the other dishes.

  2. Haven't tried the lobster dish yet - but I did have the Montreal Bisteak. It was okay, definitely not as good as some of their other dishes. I think I might have overcooked it a bit, though, so that may be part of it. :smile:

    As soon as I try the lobster I'll let ya know!! Probably sometime next week though...
  3. Thanks!

    I'll watch for your post!
  4. Hi, not to butt in here, but we eat home bistro a lot too and the lobster is very good (and I'm kinda a snob about lobster). the only thing I dont love from home bistro oddly enough is many of the chicken dishes, go figure.

    the lobster is yummy
  5. Thanks, Court.

    I'm picky about lobster, too. (I hate the Red Lobster "restaurants." Food is soooooo bad.)

    Given your recco, I will order some lobster today!

  6. ProfNot, what did you think about the lobster? I finally ate mine the other day, and I liked it!! It was small, but I suppose lobster is always expensive. But I liked the sauce it was in and it tasted pretty good. I didn't really care for the veggies but I'm not a veggie person anyway so you can't really count my opinion there. :smile:

    My husband ate the chicken w/peach and melon salsa while I ate mine and kept trying to sneak some lobster over! He said his was good but not as good as mine...