Sailor Pants: Any Fans ?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I personally don't like this look for me.
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  2. I like them, I think certain people can pull them off, me not being one of them.
    They could look cute with the right outfit.
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  3. I think they are so cute.
  4. I several pairs of sailor style wool pants from Jcrew that look nice with a cashmere sweater that I really like.
  5. and i must add, with the right figure :P
  6. Like them a lot, but I couldn't pull them off.
  7. Not a fan of em for myself..
  8. Cute on someone else, but I am too short-waisted to wear them:sad:
  9. i like them but i'm too short to wear them myself.
  10. They're TOOOO cute! :yes:

    But I wouldn't wear 'em cos they def won't look good on me :P
  11. I don't like wide leg trousers, some people say they're flattering; but I think they make people's legs look like tree trunks (the same width all the way down).
  12. This is an old thread but I’m looking for skinny or straight leg sailor black or navy pants. Looking for a Neimans contemporary brand like theory, rag and bone, Vince, dvf. Anyone see any?
  13. Totally adorable!
    When I saw it on the Chanel runway I fell in love
  14. I'm seeing them everywhere! I tried on a few at Anthropologie last week.
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  15. I like and the button placement and higher waist make that area slimmer.
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