Sailor Pants: Any Fans ?

  1. [​IMG]

    I personally don't like this look for me.
  2. I like them, I think certain people can pull them off, me not being one of them.
    They could look cute with the right outfit.
  3. I think they are so cute.
  4. I several pairs of sailor style wool pants from Jcrew that look nice with a cashmere sweater that I really like.
  5. and i must add, with the right figure :P
  6. Like them a lot, but I couldn't pull them off.
  7. Not a fan of em for myself..
  8. Cute on someone else, but I am too short-waisted to wear them:sad:
  9. i like them but i'm too short to wear them myself.
  10. They're TOOOO cute! :yes:

    But I wouldn't wear 'em cos they def won't look good on me :P
  11. I don't like wide leg trousers, some people say they're flattering; but I think they make people's legs look like tree trunks (the same width all the way down).