Saich's bags on ebay

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  1. Saich why r u selling ur crackle and black pearl spys u just got them?! I wish I could afford them. are you planning on selling any of your leather colored ones?!
  2. Holy SMoke!!:borg: What gives here...Crackle is SAICHs fave...this can't be....:confused1:
  3. I did a search but couldn't find it :sad:
  4. It's on eBay UK

    I'm sure Saichy has her reasons! I'd probably leave them to her, though.
  5. Yup Im sure she has her reasons - dont we all when we sell!

    Good luck with your sales honey!
  6. and can I just add, Saichs piccies look incredible, so lets hope Crackle gets a pop at a new home quickly ;)

    good luck :smile:
  7. I am sure she has her reasons. It's very sad though....
  8. the black one is so gorgeous. i wish i could give her a new home. :cry:
  9. Good luck with your sale Saich! Am sure they will find a new home soon!
  10. K - just chatted online with S, hope she does not mind me saying this.

    Seems she is like many PFers, presently pinned to the floor by the weight of waaaay too many Bags. Time to get some room to breathe....and maybe fill with new spy bags...:nuts:

    Hope some lucky PFers Snags these beauties...:graucho:
  11. I wish I had the problem of too many bags:biggrin: And yes I hope someone from tpf gets them so they can stay within the "family"
  12. Good luck Saich. I'm watching. I remember I almost got your pertol!
  13. I can't find it, can someone post the link? Or pm it to me, Thanks!!!
  14. OMG... that bag is gorgeous:drool:!!!
    Thanks Baglady.1 for posting the link:tup:!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.