SAHM's: Do you feel uncomfortable wearing your Chanels out and about?

  1. I ask because of a thread I read earlier about high-end bags in the work-place; and I rarely see a bag beyond Coach or Vera Bradley amoung the mommy set. Granted, I'm not going to take mine to walk around the park and then hit the sandbox, but I don't see them ANYWHERE. LV, now and then but that is rare. So many of my GF's live in huge McMansions, have live-in help, nannies and carry "cheaper" purses; I have none of the above and LOVE my Chanel. *sigh* I can't be the only one who wonders about this, right? :shrugs:
  2. I'm a SAHM and I wear a Chanel most days or my LV BH on days when I need a bag that can get spilled on.
    I don't give it a second thought :biggrin:
    we all have our vices. . . maybe they splurge on designer shoes or facials, etc. . . .
  3. I carry only designer bags too (Chanel, LV or Gucci) and I've only seen one other "mommy" with a Gucci horsebit bag. But I don't care, I need my bags, lol!
  4. We must live in the same neighbourhood. ;)

    I was a SAHM for many years but still carried my Chanels. It seemed silly to spend so much money on a bag and not use it. However, my bags were never the blingy, logo'd ones, so I didn't feel too conspicuous.
  5. No, thought I might initially (I am new to Chanel) but I love these bags so much, and I feel they give my usual jeans 'n t-shirt some polish while I'm running around. I think everyone should enjoy beauty in design in their own way, and for me bags are it -- functional luxury! :yes:
  6. Where I live, most of the SAHMs' (including me) carry their Chanels, Hermes, etc. when even doing errands. SAHMs' should enjoy their little luxuries too...
  7. I am a SAHM too and I never see any designer bag except for the occasional Coach or Dooney in my neighborhood. I use my Chanel or LV everyday. Like Swanky, I don't give it a second thought.
  8. I'm also a SAHM and I use my Chanels and LV's when I go out and do errands (I only have designer bags). I :heart: all my designer bags and I use each and every one of them at least 2-3 times a month (my everyday bag is my damier speedy).
  9. I am also a SAHM and I use my chanel bags all the time.
  10. I am a SAHM and from London in an area where everyone is very trendy, I see chnaels, Hermes, Gucci, Fendi's etc. However as I am only 21 I do feel very insecure when carrying my Chanel's pushing my son's puschair especially my Classic flaps, everyone knows my face round the area and they start to talk about what I wear very openly. Once a woman asked me how I could afford to carry such an expensive bag! Now when I go out I tend to carry my Gucci's and LV and save my Chanels's for the weekend or when I go out with my BF and friends
  11. I'm a SAHM and sometimes I feel like chanel is overkill for the grocery shopping:shame:
  12. I'm a SAHM and I wear my Chanel or LVs everywhere. I love the irony of the places I carry my bags: soccer fields, Sam's club, Home Depot. LOL
  13. I feel the same way too, but I don't feel weird carrying my LV's....I just feel silly carrying a Chanel bag with lounge pants and gym shoes to go get diapers...
  14. I don't have a Chanel (yet) but no, I don't feel weird carrying around other expensive bags. They're my personal little lux's and make me feel so happy. If your bag goes with your outfit, it's totally fine.
  15. You're right - it is my guilty little pleasure. Yesterday I had my purple python flap at my son's viola lesson. I had all my stuff in it anyways and I have a great Loro Piana cashmere scarf that goes well with it. Maybe a little overkill for music lessons - but oh well!