SAHMs: any plans for the first day of school?

  1. These last two weeks of summer vacation are killing me! My boys are antsy and the weather has been so crappy.

    I'm planning on spending all day in the garden and getting my dog back on her regular walk schedule!

    As much as I love my boys I am looking forward to a day of peace and quiet!!
  2. Im on vacation at the beach..its been cold and raining the ENTIRE TIME..LOL..Im gonna need a vacation after Taylor goes back to school...HEHE

    Side note...Im gonna be a nervous wreck Taylors first day..she is starting a NEW private school and doesnt know a soul there!!!!!so Ill b super antsy that day for her!LOL!
  3. My older kids are going into 7 and 8th same old same old..but my baby is starting Kindergarten!!!!!!!! I plan on getting him on the bus, jumping in my car, following the bus to school, then sneak in the bushes to watch him!! Kleenex will be going for the ride! WAH!!!!! My baby!!!!!!
  4. My 7 year old is starting second grade and my 5 year old is starting standard kindergarten. I am making a special breakfast and having dh take them to school. He will walk them inside and make sure they are all set. I would do it except I can't without crying, especially for my kindergartener! I know the KIDS won't cry; they are very excited and happy about school. So I don't want them to have to worry about me!

    I take them to school every other day of the year, so I won't be missing a lot. My youngest starts pre-K (it is standard through the public school here) next year, and the year after that they will all be in school full time.
  5. Hi Maxter! *Waves*

    Well, both my boys started school Monday, Pre-K & 1st~ New school, new state, new EVERYTHING! I was a wreck, lol. I dropped them off then went straight home *just in case* the schools called (for whatever reason!)

    They breezed right through it, little troopers they are!;)

    Now as things are settling in, I'm determined to get my butt on that elliptical thingamajiggy out in the workout room I asked DH to buy me.. I'm building up to it, LOL!
  6. My 5 year old is starting kindergarten. My 2 year old will still be home with me. I know I'm going to cry!!! I can't believe my baby boy is growing up!! He's so excited though.
  7. i have been spying on my youngest at kindergarten, she is an october birthday...and i think i made a mistake by putting her in kindergarten this year. she loves it, but it seems that she is the youngest by far...i am torn how to handle this now.

    should i take her out of kindergarten, hold her back another year...i am driving myself crazy.
  8. It is a hard decision to make right now. But I have older kids (5th and 7th grade) and have seen this thru the years. The kids who were held back always seem so much older once the kids get past 3rd and 4th grade. If she seems to be handling it OK then let her continue. Hard to do but try to think 4-5 years out.

    Good luck. It's a tough one.
  9. My son started Kindergarden today and he's in the AM, usually we are up around 9:30(my 2 yr old daughter sleeps late) now we have to get up at 7:00 but it was nice, we went and did errands and went to breakfast! We needed to start getting up earlier anyway.
  10. My son is going to pre-school for the first time and I think I'll be a mess.
    It's only going to be for 3 hours.
    I think I'll spend it weeping :sad: I can't believe how fast it's flown by.
  11. Express your concerns to her teacher. I'm sure she can make a good assessment on your child's progress. My dd's have winter birthdays so they're usually the eldest, but they have some friends with September/October birthdays who have done just as well. The disparity of almost a year lessens academically & emotionally as they get older from what I've seen.
  12. honestly I look forward to school..
    I plan to do some hikes and hang out in the eldest will be in 2nd grade this yr, my 2nd in kindergarten and my 3 yr old will be in preschool..
    time flies so I am yearning for another baby..ugh!!!
  13. ohhhhhhhh, that is so sweet and sad watching them go off to kindergarten!