SAHM Needs Help Please!

  1. Hello Ladies, this is my first post. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have found this site. I foresee this may create problems for me!!

    OK, I am currently a stay at home mom with 2 young daughters. Thankfully I am over the diaper bag stage but still need to carry snacks and diapers. However, I also do some work from home and need to carry notebooks and files also when I'm away.

    I would love something gorgeous, not too heavy, with a zipper to store my wallet but I love compartments, usually over the shoulder....

    Any suggestions??? When I was working, I had Gucci, Prada, Burberry, etc... But I don't like any of them anymore. I've been using Un Apres Midi De Chien lately- it's cute but I want something more.

    I can't wait to hear your suggestions. Thanks so much!!!
  2. Balenciaga Day bag.

    Here is mine...
  3. Price range? Do you like simple, or do you like hardware decorating your bags? You're familiar with great designers, so you know Tod's--they have classic looking bags that would be large enough for your needs, nice leather. I'd have to check individual styles for zipper compartments. I'll think of some more.

  4. Hi guys- Thanks so much for the welcome. I'm already checking out the Balenciaga ones :smile:

    Price range- I dunno!?!?! I guess less than 1k, however, I would hate to spend that much and then one of my kids damages the bag or a juice box ends up leaking all over the place.

    I would like something "different" but not overly trendy. I would not want something that screams "Spring 2007!!!"
  5. Cole Haan is a quality bag at very reasonable prices; good leather, classic styles. I guess I'm thinking of names of bags I've bought and liked the quality and letting you do the work of browsing styles--I'm computer-challenged and not good at posting pics. MMJ has great bags/soft leather too, but the styling while not extreme at all, could be labeled as 2006 or 2007. I still like a lot of the styles better than MJ's regular lineup.
  6. Balenciaga Work or Day?
  7. I think a Balenciaga hobo is the best bet, or a Mulberry Bayswater
  8. Thanks again!!

    Where can I check out Balenciaga bags in person? I live near the Short Hills Mall in NJ- Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc... I never owned this brand so I am unfamiliar where they are sold.

  9. NM at the Short Hills mall sells them. I can meet you there tomorrow:graucho:
  10. What time????? LOL! I'm serious!
  11. I really am trying to get there tomorrow. I have a bag to exchange :rolleyes: . If I can get there it'll be around 11
  12. Who knows, I may be there around the same time!!
  13. pf members hang at alot of the same places :smile:
  14. For that price, the B day bag is great. I have had two and they are light, easy to carry and look great. They are very casual though, so it truly would be a "day" bag.
  15. How about Goyard??? Completely washable too and beautiful...tote has an attached wallet inside but no compartments. I also suggest a LV backpack in classic mono...I always found that having my hands free was a huge help when my girls were little. I actually gave my sister a classic Prada backpack when she had her baby and she loves it. Also, Prada large messenger/sling works well.