Sahara work with gold giant...

  1. Just went to Barneys NY and saw this awsome workbag.....I tried it on and I
    almost bought it for myself....:yahoo:
    It had very thick yummy leather and it seemed a bit what I missed out on the
    sandstone, but a touch lighter.
    I almost screeamed.... so gorgeous.!:woohoo:
    The sales person told me to control myself, but this bag, I tell you , I just love.
    The only thing is , the handles I think, how do I keep those clean over time.??
    Don`t they get dirty and then brownish and yucky??
    And since it is a workbag, there are no handles to put over the shoulder.
    I consider calling Balenciaga NY and get a pt.
    The worksize is stunning though...
    A very merry xmas to you all.
    Happy Balenciaga shopping, can`t wait for the EB to come out.;)
  2. I saw this combo too - would love to see it in a day!
  3. sounds wonderful! i suppose you could protect the handles or bag with LMB products? or use Apple Guarde? i have a white bbag myself. i used it before i applied LMB For Handles only. i don't know if it helps. i just try to clean the bag as often as i could.

    merry christmas!
  4. I have a sandstone GH work and I was a little worried about the handles especially since I live in a hot/humid country like Singapore and hands tend to get a little stickier. I use a scarf around the handles to avoid darkening :smile:
  5. I say GO FOR IT!! I've ssen that combo and it is positively scrumptious!! Also buy the LMB For Handles Only and Apple Garde to use on your new baby!! Good Luck!!:yes:
  6. Thanks Ladies, I `m in love with this combo....Thanks.
  7. That is so cute that you tie a scarf on the handles. Does the scarf look good on the handles? Does it stay on well? I'd love to see a picture!!!
  8. Hi swiss!!!:heart:

    I keep hearing that this is the most gorgeous color combo!!! I'm dying to see it!!!! Let us know what you decide!!!:smile:
  9. The sneak picture I got to see a while back was a Sahara Giant RTT with GGH, sitting on a pedestal looking incredible. I think it's a beautiful combination.
  10. I love the combination too, I would like to see it with GSH.
  11. This is the stock photo of Giant City with silver hardware from LVR's catalog
  12. I am dying to see Sahara with the giant gold. I think this will be my next purchase.
  13. Omg!!!!!
  14. Here a pic of Sahara GGH work-drool:nuts:
    Sahara work ggh.jpg
  15. OMG I want one!