Sahara, vert thyme or bg pink?

  1. I had pretty much decided to get a bubblegum pink first and then I saw the vert thyme and sahara firsts at Shirisse's. I am trying to decide from a practical perspective which color would actually be the most useful. Ok. Let's face it. BG pink is NOT practical. But I love it. Vert thyme had really nice leather. Distressed but matte, which I love. The sahara is a good neutral and in the summer, I wear a lot of bright colors so it might see more use. The SA was trying to convince me to use my white bags more and that her guy can easily clean them so don't worry about getting them dirty. I tend to use white bags for evenings out or special occasions.

    So, what would you do? I have no other spring/summer bags except the white ones. I sold my sandstone bag, which I used last summer.
  2. I myself have been trying to figure out how versatile vert thyme would be for my wardrobe this summer. Sadly (VERY SADLY) I had to sell my 05 bubblegum first because try as I might, I could not fit all of my essentials into it. It had been a long time since I had owned a first and I thought I could make it work, but I couldn't. So now I am looking for either a sandstone, sahara or vert thyme bag but I just can't decide.

    Vert Thyme you feel that you can wear it nearly every day?
  3. I don't own vert-thyme... but i saw it this weekend... and it's GORGEOUS!!!! the shade of green is so lovely and muted...i imagine it could go with alot...

    I actually really want that color now..and would recommend it for your next purchase. I do have a BG day, and i love it..and use it as often as i can.. i think VT is more wearable though.
  4. Vert Thyme! The leather is lovely and thick. My Petal Pink First was quite a disappointment on the leather front. I love the colour though, so I am keeoing it. Sahara is lovely too. It's looks just a beautiful with the RH or SGH. I gorgeous neutral colour. I haven't seen the Sahara leather IRL though. I am so impressed with VT though!!!
  5. vert thyme! haven't seen it in real life...but haven't heard anything bad about the color or its leather yet....!
  6. i saw the sahara and loved it!
  7. I've decided on a vert thyme day. I love super-distressed bags and I have found one that is perfect for me.
  8. I had a vert thyme day for about 48 hours... the leather was gorgeous, the color too. But I couldn't shake the crappy attitude from the SA that sold it to me. After she rang me up, she proceeded to tell me I would only be able to wear it with black or white. And then she tried it on. Grrr. Needless to say, the thought of giving her the commission made me return it.

    sorry for the rant! :lecture:I say vert thyme or bg ;) the vert thyme was UNBELIEVABLE and *may* be a little more practical than the BG, depending on your clothes. I love how it looks like Yoda. :p I may get one down the road.... far away from that SA.
  9. Oh would you please post pictures? I'd love to see more of vert thyme. I've been interested in this colour ever since the swatches came out but haven't seen one in the flesh.
  10. I have Bubblegum 08 which I love (it's so pretty!), but I also love all the pics I've seen of Vert Thyme. My choice would be between the two of those.
  11. I won't have it for about a week or so, I'll definitely post pics when I get it.:tup:
  12. I have both BG & VT & both cities. While I love love love BG, it is hard to be not paranoid when carrying her. It is not difficult to weave her in my wardrobe as I love PINKs. VT is a gorgeous colour, not drop dead green like Vert Gazon or rich like Vert Foret. In fact it is an army green at a glance but really is a chameleon which is a cool green veering on warm tones. You can see flashes of yellow in it from different angles. The leather is superbly thick & I LOVE this about VT. I would choose VT over BG tho I am a diehard PINK fan. I posted lots of picture of both the BG & VT. But here they are again side by side. More pictures of my VT here.

    Sahara is a gorgeous shade but it is another light colour so maintenance would be a pain. But this is a wonderful neutral. Still VT wins! :tup:
    vtbg2.jpg skullie3.jpg
  13. I would vote for BG or VT. If you are talking practicality, I would say VT. If you are talking fun I would say BG
  14. pinkboudoir...your VT is very beautiful! I love this color and can't wait to get one.
  15. I can't wait to see your VT Day. This was the other color I was considering. Sahara won though, and I'm glad. The leather is really great, for those who want to know - really thick, soft and perfectly distressed:smile: