Sahara SGH Day - totally HG Material! and a few other belated pics

  1. The Bal Fairy must really be smiling on me (and :roflmfao: at my checkbook...)

    I've mentioned before that I am a F/W shopper. None of the S/S swatches really tugged at my heart strings except for Sahara. I saw pictures of Sahara with SGH on this forum and it was :heart:. So I decided my S/S 08 purchase would be a Sahara Day with SGH. I placed the order through my local retailer/reseller last week and it came in today. I had my doubts and was afraid to open the bag (Mastic was a disappointment and I didn't want a repeat). One look and I went :nuts:. This color is just :drool:worthy! I don't think I've seen pics to do it justice. It's a very rich beige and the leather is soft and smooshy.
    1st pic - without flash, indoors by a window.
    2nd and 3rd pics - with flash, indoors. Actual color is closer to these pics. The caramel undertones really show through on this bag.
    This is true :heart::heart::heart: I feel even more thrilled than when I found my Mint 05 Turqouise Day!

    I've also added a few pics of a few other "recent" acquisitions. I've been busy with work and the baby and haven't had time to upload pictures. For all those that helped me decide on the Brief, here's a pic of my 07 Black one c/o Seiko at Aloha Rag. I've been carrying it nonstop over the last 2 weeks.

    Last pic is of my small accessories collection - Mogano Make-Up from hgbags (have had this for a while now), Black CP and Violet CP. I am also getting an Ocean CP in a few days :yahoo:, my last for a while.
    DSC01711.jpg DSC01714.jpg DSC01716.jpg DSC01720.jpg DSC01722.jpg
  2. yum yum yum~
    It's such a great bag!!
    Congratulations on your purchase.
    I'm so glad at least one S/S finally rocked your boat~
  3. Your Sahara Day is gorgeous!!! I always thought GGH with Sahara is da bomb, it looks great with SGH too!!! CONGRATS!

    BTW love your brief & small family of accessories.
  4. Beautiful. How is it so different from mastic?
  5. ^^ It's funny, the actual shade isn't so different, but when I got my mastic I found it too "nondescript". And the sheen on it was just so much that it looked somewhat plastic. There was just no pitter-patter for me so I sold it pretty much immediately. This was everything I hoped for in Mastic. :love: It's also the first GH bag (the envelope clutch doesn't count) that I am really loving.
  6. Sahara is a really decent color!

    Looks great with either SGH or GGh, but less blingy (yet still fab) with SGH. Ya made the right choice. If I didn't already have a Natural City, I'd have swooped on Sahara too.
  7. :drool: Sahara is such a beautiful color!!!
  8. i love your sahara! wonderful colour especially with the hardware! your brief has broken in nicely..i love the style of the brief so much...really easy to use!
  9. I've said this about a thousand times on here already, and I"ll say it again.. I just LOVE Sahara SGH!! You've done well... I was so determined to hunt this down a while ago but other distractions came about :graucho: I MUST find this at some point in time!
  10. Thanks joanna and tarabag

    Pekie, you said it. When I first got the Brief, I thought I may have made a mistake - it was huge and felt quite stiff. But now that it's softened up a bit I can really see it as an everyday bag. It feels less like a "bottomless pit" than the Day (though I love the Day!). I think Saddle would look great in the Brief :smile:

    Rere, Thank you! I know GGH looks great on Sahara but I just can't handle too much bling. I agree that the SGH is perfect:smile:
  11. I have to tell you, I got an email from my local seller taking Bal orders last week - the instructions were to choose style, color and hardware. I said I wanted a Sahara Day with SGH. She says sure - you'll have it next week. I didn't think she would actually find it or get it to me that fast. I was in awe!
  12. BEAUTIFUL!!! Now how about some modeling shots , girl!!:wlae:
  13. Congratulations, great bags.

    I'd love to see you modeling the brief, esp filled with the things you carry in it. It looks so soft, hanging there.
  14. So gorgeous!! I love the Sahara with the SGH!!!
  15. Thanks, ladies! Unfortunately I don't do modelling pics... Too depressing!!! When I lose 20 lbs (or even 15) then maybe...

    However, I will try to get one of my minions, er siblings, to model for me...:smile: