Sahara, Praline & Natural - Side by Side Photos Anyone?

  1. I can't seem to find photos in here with these three colors side by side. Anyone have all three they can post photos of? I really need to see these next to each other.
  2. Anyone? Help.
  3. I have a 2008 Sahara and recently sold my 2011 Praline, 2007 Nataral, and 2010 Sahara. I would have taken a pic for you but can only give my opinion now.

    I found 2010 Sahara to be a tad more yellow than Praline but it does have a lovely glaze that I preferred over the very matte Praline....but praline is gorgeous with RGGH. 2007 Natural did nothing for me. It almost looked like a dirty white. My favorite of all of these was the 08 Sahara....incredible distressed leather.
  4. Here you go:smile:

    The first pic: Ivory Work(07) at top, Sahara RGGH City (2011) & Praline GSH City (2010),
    Sahara (08 I think) GGH Day & Naturel (07) GGH Day

    The Ivory is a yummy vanilla color. The Sahara Day is more glolden beige compared with the City. The Naturel is the real chameleon - sometimes it looks more golden beige and others more pearly or greyish beige. The Praline is like a light Oatmeal color imo.

    Hope this helps you in your decision!
    Beiges.jpg Sahara and Praline.jpg Sahara and Naturel.jpg
  5. ^^^Great photos Sandy!!

    LOVE the Sahara RGGH!!- Wish I still had mine :love:. I thought I'd like Praline better but I didn't.
  6. Thank you A! I nearly bought your Sahara:p

    I really like the Praline. But I do think there is some variation in how light the Praline can be. The Ivory is my favorite leather!
  7. AWESOME! Just I was looking for - I'll have to get on the laptop for a closer look ( on iPhone right now). Thanks everyone so much!
  8. I cannot thank you enough for this. This is really helping me decide. The natural is lovely but I think I can rule that one out for what I am looking for in an off-white shade. Still narrowing it down. I love them all!!!
  9. great comparo!

    I have a sahara from fw10 and in my mind I pictured it to be the same shade as your praline (oatmeal-ish) on the first pic, but after seeing this I agree with your 'golden beige' description... geesh bal colors are hard to capture/describe which makes them even more desirable in the end! :noggin:
  10. I think I have it narrowed down between ivory and praline. Now I just have to decide on HW!
  11. Wow love your collection! The Sahara RGGH is sooo beautiful!!
  12. Praying for Sahara to be re-released soooon!!! By any chance, any Balenciaga lover here has Chloe Paraty in DOVE. Is that color similar to any one of above?
  13. Sandysandiego also has a DOVE Paraty. Hopefully she'll chime in with more photos!
  14. Here are a few pics of the Chloe Dove Paraty & Papyrus GGH.
    Both are such pretty neutrals!

    Dove and Papyrus.jpg DoveandP2.jpg
  15. Hi there, I have the city in praline and the arena flats in Sahara. To be honest, I really like the Sahara better and regret not just waiting to see if they ever re-release it and just getting praline. Sahara is just a richer color in general. I've included a link to my flickr for you to see the difference... the attachment kept failing. Hope this helps, and please excuse my ugly weekend lounging clothes!