Sahara Day pics -- keep or vert thyme?

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Which Day?

  1. Keep Sahara Day

  2. Exchange for Vert Thyme

  3. Neither, get Ivory Day instead

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. My Sahara Day, am liking this colour more and more. Nice thick leather too. My first light coloured bbag.

    Excuse the quick and dirty pics, I haven't had time to do better yet.

    I have to choose between Sahara and vert thyme, can't afford both. It's a tough choice but perhaps Sahara is just a little more versatile? Yet I've also often thought about owning a green bag. I wear mostly neutral coloured clothing. I have mostly dark bags, except for my rouille city.

    What do you think?
    SaharaDaySS08.jpg VertthymeDay.jpg image.jpg
  2. Excuse the bad picture quality etc, I was rushing. Just to give you an idea.
    SaharaDayshoulder.jpg SaharaDayArm.jpg SaharaDayShoulder3.jpg SaharaDayShoulder2.jpg SaharaDayArm2.jpg
  3. Oooooh... I say keep the Sahara!
  4. sahara!!!
  5. I say VT!!:wlae:I could be biased!I try to stay away from light colored bags as I know I will have a hard time maintaining them!GoodLuck!
  6. I just love Sahara. I'm not a fan of green and while the leather on VTs is supposedly good all round the color just doesn't do anything for me. I think Sahara is more elegant and such a great neutral. You look fantastic in those photos with her! Keep her!
  7. i voted for Keep Sahara. i thought the modelling pics were great, drati! cool poses :supacool:
  8. LOL, thanks Glossie. I was in my *smooch around the house with the kids* clothes. I just thought pics help you girls help me decide.

    I do like how the Sahara looks in these pics and it's about what we use and wear, not just liking the colour. If I keep her I hope this Sahara Day will age gracefully with me.
  9. I'm worried I do too. Thanks.
  10. i'm sure you can rawk it, drati. is it comfy? how's it compared to the city? perhaps when you get to it, you could comment in the day threads :biggrin:
  11. I have VT & the leather by far is the most gorgeous of all the Bbags I have, so lusciously thick. BUT I do love how Sahara looks on you, it matches your hair & skintone wonderfully. It would be hard to decide. I am inclined to say keep Sahara. Keep it if you think you can baby it. The Day falls nicely to rub on jeans if you wear them so colour transfer from your jeans is inevitable. Always wear long tops over jeans or don't keep Sahara & save yourself all the hassle. I :heart: sure you can tell already!!! :shame:
  12. It's no doubt a more casual bag than the city. I see both performing quite different duties, casual vs a bit more dressy.

    Yes, the day is comfy although you wouldn't want to load it up too much since the strap is thinner than the city shoulder strap. But it sits on the shoulder beautifully (doesn't slide like the city sometimes does) and just drapes down and the handle will soften with use. The larger outer and inner pocket help keeping stuff organised and it's no more of a big black hole than some of my other bags. So far I haven't found it difficult to find things in my bag. :tup:

    I like the city because of its shape and how it and versatility but the day is great because it's so fuss free. Goes over the shoulder easily, no messing with handles, strap etc, just put it on and go. I love that!

    I guess time will tell which one will get more use. :yes:
  13. Yes, I shall remember about dark jeans. :upsidedown: No dark jeans with Sahara.

    Thanks for your sweet comments. I'd love to see more VT modeling pics, if you ever feel like it. We haven't seen much of this colour yet and it's a bit of a mystery to me. Hence my hesitation.
  14. Sahara rocks!
  15. Thanks KDC. :shame: