Sahara, Black or Violet wallet??

  1. I'm totally loving the wallets right now (some of you ladies have the most gorgeous accessories collections ever, and i'm definitely lusting after them!)

    My next great desire is a balenciaga wallet. I went to Holt Renfrew today and am in love with the Sahara with GGH. I just don't know if it'l get really dirty or not though, cuz my wallets do tend to get worn really fast. So I was thinking of getting a black or violet RH wallet instead, just cuz they're darker and any wear won't show as much.

    Any opinions? Thanks!
  2. Sahara GGH is gorgeous but I would be hesitant to use it as an everyday item, and wallets tend to get handled *alot*. If you can deal with the usual wear 'n tear, scuffing and dirt marks then Sahara is great, if not the darker shades would be more practical IMO. I have a Sahara GGH CP and I am already finding I have to baby it to not scuff it :S

    Perhaps a Sahara GGH in a coin pouch? Day?
  3. I like my wallets to be a darker shade coz I handle them a whole lot. You constantly need to dig out notes & coins & your CCs & you carry/handle them in/with your hands a lot. I say black is a great colour but it is also quite boring. Why not go with Violet? It is gorgeous, a dark enough shade & it is one of your choice(meaning you do love it yeah?)!!!
  4. Yeah, violet was definitely on my want list before I saw the Sahara!! But now, none of the colours really compare (IMO) to it. I *would* get the violet as a second choice, but... I just really love that sahara!

    But it's just as pinkboudoir says... I can't really justify buying a light coloured wallet when i'm going to be touching t all the time.
  5. Would it b a little ridiculous to carry it around in my bag, in the dustbag? :p
  6. ^^yes it would, woman :lecture::p

    VIOLET VIOLET VIOLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dothewave:
  7. Violet, for sure.
  8. Violet, it wont show dirt, it's a fun colour and it's not boring black.
  9. Oh ladies. I should have changed the name of this thread to "please enable me to buy the Sahara wallet"!

    I was thinking though, when my wallets get dirty, they always turn "Sahara" coloured anyways... so maybe if I get that colour, and it starts to scuff, it'll scuff in the same colour and will be unnoticeable anyway!

    (OK, my late night logic is not that great.)
  10. not at all, that's what i'm doing with my blue india mini wallet, i don't want to have marks on her, so i put her in the dustbag, and take it out when i need to use it (in my bag so that people don't see that i have my wallet in the dustbag) and it's working, my blue india is still brand new, it's been a month now since i bought her. and i love my wallet so much. such a cute accessory. i'd say violet in your choices, i've seen it IRL and violet looks gorgeous. black is a bit boring IMO for an accessory. a pop color and add some bright touch in your bag.
  11. Get the Sahara coin purse! I absolutely adored the creamy combination with the golden hardware. It goes so well together, and besides just think when you look at her, how happy it'll make you and at the end of the day isn't that whats important.
  12. and if you choose the sahara, i can feel you want this color so bad, i'd say go for it and keep it in the dustbag, make sure people don't see the dustbag when you get your wallet out of your bag!!!:roflmfao::smartass:
  13. Violet!
  14. Get what you love, but personally I'd choose a rh wallet. RH scuffed looks better than GGH turning silver IMO. I have a rh blueberry money wallet and although it's scuffed, it still looks great.
    And color-wise, you could clean the sahara color with various products so I'd go for that one ;) But if you want GGH, I'm sure it looks great with Sahara!
  15. I vote for the violet with RH.