Saggy Boob Bag?

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    I can't tell whether I love or hate the Bulga bag below. It's certainly different, and that's a good thing in my book. At the same time, it evokes Jabba the Hut from Star Wars in my mind. When I asked my boyfriend, he said, "looks like lots of saggy boobs." :rolleyes:

    What do you think?



    (pics are from Neiman Marcus site)
  2. I agree with your bf actually, it was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw a pic of this bag for the first time a few months ago :yes:
  3. hahaaaaa!!! i didnt think that before but now of course thats all i see!! :smile: i think in the black its better cause its not flesh toned like boobs! haha

    i dunno i think bulga has one out tho with that flap over the top thing, but then without the extra boobs

    like this sort of,,,
    Bulga Buckle Bag : PinkMascara

    i think i saw another one tho somewhere that had the big hardware that opens and closes the bag but no boobs...ill try and find it!
  4. Not me at all and can definately see where the booby reference is coming from!
  5. huh. now that you say something, def no good. very jaba.
  6. It could also pass as a saggy butt bag also.. :p
  7. Well now that you mentioned it, it DOES look like a set of baggy boobs! Too funny.
  8. loool so true..Jabba :yes:
  9. Oh my gosh. Yeah, pass on this one.
  10. That's funny - saggy boobs!!! haha yeah, I'd pass on this one. it does nothing for me.
  11. I agree with your bf...:p
  12. Hi Dev -
    In 4 hours I'm off to France . . . and still here obsessing in tPF. Crazy!!
    Totally agree with your bf. Ugly bag. See ya!
  13. flappy boobs is more like it lol, it's not awful but i don't think i'd go for it lol
  14. Okay, so that's a big no to this bag. Oh well, your responses gave me a good laugh. Thanks for the input!

    help!!! slush wrote:
    "i think bulga has one out tho with that flap over the top thing, but then without the extra boobs"

    ^^so funny :roflmfao:
  15. I like the frame top that folds over, but rest of the bag looks like saggy boobs to me too.