Saggy Alexa

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  1. OK, Prehaps it is just me but the alexa looks great when she is sat on the shelf. All the proportions seem right. All compact and perfect BUT

    75% of the time i use the over the body strap but i hate how it makes the bag look droopy and the sides to seem oddly shaped. Does anyone else have this problem with theres or am i just being silly?

    Even the smallest amount of weight makes her sag and
    she is too pretty to sag. I know alot of the girls in the LV forums use base shapers. Prehaps this would help? Any suggestions?
  2. I use a bag liner in all of my bags as I find it helps them to keep their shape. My Alexa has quite a thickish leather so I don't find that it sags at all really, but I don't usually carry that much in my bags either so maybe that's why?! :smile:
  3. I wouldn't say my Alexa has a saggy bottom (!) but is quite slouchy.
    I tend to like the way she is quite smooshy and not totally structured.
    I do tend to stuff my OS to the brim so she rarely has room to be saggy!
  4. Shopaholicmum - where did you get your liner? Fleabay?
  5. mine have all done this and it doesnt bother me. it was never ment to be a structured bag. however if it bothers you you can get a bag linner :smile:
  6. I use a VIP liner in my Alexa and it didn't help with the kind of slouching you describe - I know just what you mean because I mostly wear mine messenger-style too. The bottom corners sort of lift up/are pulled up by the tension on the strap and the sides pucker, as well as the middle of the bag sagging down.

    You might find it worth experimenting with a piece of stout cardboard cut to fit, before shelling out on a bag shaper - some ladies here do this. You might find it doesn't help with this particular issue - or you might find that if you cover the cardboard with an old scarf, the cardboard does a good enough job without your needing to buy an official shaper.

    I've been meaning to do that but haven't got round to it yet. I did make one for my Bays then decided I didn't like the way it made the bag stand away from my body - but Alexa is smaller and a different shape.
  7. I use a thick cardboard and it fine ,no sagging .
  8. I too use a liner and find that it helps the bag to keep its shape without making it stiff like a base-shaper. I got mine from Purseket
  9. I have a reg Alexa and did not really like the sag you describe. Still too much with the vip liner, so I made a shaper myself out of the a file folder/binder, it works fine !
  10. After alot of drooling over the Alexa I've finally bought mysef one:smile:))she's my second Mulberry (have a Daria purse which i love!) I bought her on monday and i still have'nt started using her yet! ( i daydream about her at work). I want a get a liner so i'm organised and everything is neat inside the bag. I need some help because i dont know what size to get or where to get one,please can someone help? I also want to avoid the slouching:/I would really like to get one asap!Thanx for the website kellilicious but i didnt like the purseket - i want something with a bottom.

    By the way - this is very very sad but i bought a large longchamp that i can keep in the alexa, so i can put the alexa in the longchamp when it rains! and this after i bought the colloni waterstop!
  11. Oh I have the same problem, and I have no solution. Looks like I should be looking at bag liners too.
  12. well girls, I have just moved house so i have boxes a plenty to cup up and modify. I will let you know how i get on!

    Also - glad the pulled corners and saggy bottom are not just a problem for me!
  13. sally.m - I know exactly what you are talking about. I just put some cardboard in the base and that helps a lot. I prefer a firm bottom!
  14. base shaper should work