Sagging swift?

  1. Does anybody have pictures of their swift Birkins that might be sagging? I've read about this, and mine doesn't sag at all. It's a 35cm. I'm wondering what I'm in store for. If you have one, how old is it, and would you please post your pic here? I've got another bag in mind in swift and I'm not sure whether I should buy it yet. Pics would help. Thank you!;)
  2. Hi Ingenue Sophie! I think if you would let her rest on her back at night, it is less likely for the bag to slouch over time. Does it have chevre lining instead of also swift leather? If so, I think that explains it too since chevre seems to be rigid than swift.
  3. Hi JH,
    Yes, it's got chevre lining. don't they all? I thought thatw was standard.
  4. H used swift in the Kelly flat I got instead of chevre lining.
  5. Huh. I didn't know that. Thanks!

    The issue though is that mine isn't sagging, not that it is yet. But I've read a lot of posts where people say theirs does, so I wondered if it was more batwings than actual "slouch" sagging.
  6. I bought my Swift Birkin 35 last September, and it does slouch a lot. Swift Birkins are lined in Swift, not Chevre, which contributes to the slouch factor. Here are 2 pics of mine, as it usually stands:
    P1010173.JPG P1010178.JPG
  7. Wow. Thanks, Duna! That's exactly what I was wondering. I've only seen togo do that before. I will definitely keep pillows or towels in mine when not using it. That's really helpful. You know, you never believe it until you actually see it!
  8. duna, I love it! It's beautiful!

    The slouch is one thing I really love about the softer leather on the Kelly and Birkin styles. I don't think I'd want a Retourne Kelly, for that reason....too stiff although they are lovely to the eyes.
  9. duna. your birkin is gorgeous and I love that color!!
  10. The brown is lovely. So chocolatey!!
  11. Duna - I love that cuddly!
  12. Duna, I love it!

    I must be very comfortable to hold.

    My Hac is in Fjord and it's hard like rock!
  13. Thanks girls! Yes, I have to say that it's very comfortable to use: I go around town on a moped, and this Birkin I can put in the basket and close it, because the handles just fold over; while now I'm using my Vache Naturelle, and that's stiff, it won't go in the basket, so I have to put it between my feet inside a plastic carrier bag....Also I bump into things with it, all the time...In fact, I've come to the conclusion that for my lifestyle softer bags are more practical.....Even though I adore both my stiffer Birkins!
  14. Wow Duna...I love that soft, sext slouch your bag has....and such a pretty brown color on swift!

    I love both stiff and slouchy Birkins, but I really love it when the slouchy ones are swift!
  15. Wow! I have never seen a swift birkin IRL! Thanks for the photos.