sagging speedy??

  1. Hi all

    I have been seriously considering to get myself a damier speedy or a damier azur speedy..but i have seen many many ladies carrying their damier speedy and their bags were really sagging, they were totally shapeless and looks rather unpleasant.. i haven't seen many ladies carrying damier azure yet, the one rare occasion was when i was in Citibank the other day and a lady was carrying a damier azure speedy 25, the bag stays in original shape (is it due to the smaller size?).. Myself, for the speedy line, i owned only the Monogram speedy, though it doesn't always stay in shape, it doesn't sag and looks alright most of the time.. so my question to those who own damier speedy or damier azure speedy, does it sag that badly?? or are those rather saggy bags i have seen around fakes?? could u please give me some inputs?
  2. The 30 sags alot more than the 25 which is why I opted for the 25...I dont like the all lol. The sag factor is about the same in damier and mono
  3. I personally like the sag! ;) I know some people put cardboard on the bottom to prevent the sag!

  4. Love the sag! That is what the speedy is all about! Have the Damier 30 and can't wait for my Azur 30!
  5. well. honestly, i was never into the sag factor.. i always thought the speedy bags look nicer when they are in shape.. maybe something like damier epi is more sturdy and doesn't sag as much.. but i prefer the damier or damier azur..
  6. I like the sag too - I have the 25 and try not to over fill it and I actually squeeze tha air out of it to get it to sag more. I would have gotten the 30 but it was just too big for me. But I do admit I love the look of the sag on the 30! Hmmm....never did I think sagging would be a positive thing! lol
  7. LOL! So true!

    I like the sag too...but if you use cardboard or a purseket (or both) you won't get the sag.
  8. I put a cardboard inside my Damier Speedy 30. The bag is still in its original shape, no sagging at all. It is a lovely bag, you should definitely get it! :jammin:
  9. i actually haven't seen many damier speedies around, but i've seen a ton of mono speedies and they all sag just as much as the damier. if you really hate the sag, cardboard/magazine/plexiglass on the bottom + purseket should do the job, or i've heard that epi doesn't really sag...
  10. get tha azur 25!
    it will look so cute!
    and theres much less of a sag factor
  11. I do the same - corrugated cardboard (2 rectangular pieces) or some use a thin magazine, or the purseket. I have the purseket as well, but I don't like how the sides of the purse fold over the top of the purseket which then shows a line/crease, so I used the cardboards still.
  12. Love the sag!
  13. Hate the sag. Magazine + Purseket for me!
  14. I have speedy 30 and I usually put either a t-shirt or a magazine on the bottom.
  15. I put hard-paper to reshape it at the buttom. I got 2 Speedys one is Azur size 25". It is more shaper than 30". Maybe becuase it was smaller.

    I also got Mini Lin. It is 30" but the material is not easy saggy.