Sagging Speedy

  1. i just got my first lv bag today

    its all new and pretty striaght from the store
    the thing is , im scared its gonna start sagging

    i heard of a base for it

    where can i buy it

    sorry if i seem a little dim :wlae:

    thanks in advance
  2. Did you purchase a speedy? The last post has an eBay item that you can buy which is great, or you can just use a magazine in the bottom! I personally like the "sag" of a speedy!
  3. For my 2 Mini Lin Speedy's (which sag more then the others) I do a trick I learned here. I took a DVD case and opened it up and laid it flat on the bottom and it fits perfect. No Sag. A lot of people also use cardboard. I like the DVD case since it fits my 30 perfect.
  4. i just cut a piece of cardboard from a shoebox and it works fine :smile:
  5. don't worry about the sagging! I personaly love it but it's a question of taste. If you don't want your bag to sag try to put a carboard in it.
  6. i put a piece of cardboard at the bottom of my speedy. works great.
  7. I also use the cardboard on the bottom, when I have time I'll sew it with a piece of fabric.
  8. I actually cut the box that the Speedy came in. It works perfectly!!! Also, my friend uses a towel. COngratz on your Speedy!
  9. So so many threads on this topic..
    buy a binder for 1.00$ cut it to fitwith round corners.. its perfect and cheap. if not buy a gossip magazine and toss it in there, ther bag wont sag as much and not loook as structured as with the binder/ or stiff material at the bottom.

    try doing a search please.

  10. buy a base for it. I think eBay has a seller who charges $19.99 + $3 for shipping.
  11. I think buying one from the ebay seller is a good tip, I'm going to look into it. I cant stand the idea of putting a plain piece of cardborad in the bottom of my nice bag.
  12. I just use a magazine in my 30 and it works perfectly. But that base shaper on ebay is so cute!
  13. I used to have a school binder top for the bottom of my speedies.. but I actually really like the sag now!
    All the celebs wear it with the sag.. I find it looks fakey with the rigid bottom now. Funny how opinions change with time.

    It's all a personal preference though.
  14. I wish mine sagged MORE!