Sagging Speedy 30

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  1. my monogram canvas speedy 30 will be arriving soon and i've heard and seen that these bags sag. is there anything i can do to it or put in it to keep it from sagging?
  2. i think someone mentioned that if you put cardboard or something at the bottom of your bag it gives it more structure.
  3. Put a piece of cardboard in the bottom or buy a purseket. There's a lot of threads on here about the purseket.
  4. The standard purse forum method is to put a magazine at the bottom of your bag. I find it works perfectly. Cardboard has also been suggested and I believe one lady has used plexiglass. I would be afraid of something too sharp at the edges however.
  5. pursekets??
  6. what kind of magazine? a rolling stone probably? and what is a purseket? i'm new here so how would i find that thread about pursekets?
  7. Any standard size magazine, a "Glamour" or a "Vogue" would work. I believe a purseket can be ordered, it is like a purse organizer.
  8. I just leave the sag. I thought I would hate the look, but now, I am quite fond of it.
  9. A piece of cardboard cut to fit the bottom will prevent sag. No offense to anyone who uses a magazine for the sag, but I don't see the point. It will increase the weight of the bag, especially something like Vogue. I understand you may want to read that magazine anyway, but if you're using it to prevent sag and then want to read it, you have to yank your stuff around to get it out and then remove your stuff so you can get it back in. Sounds like a lot of work to me. And the purseket, as mentioned, is great. It prevents the bag from sagging in on the sides, while the cardboard prevents the bottom sag.
  10. i love my saggy speedy. its chic in a very casual way. if sagging was a no no with LV they probably wouldve constructed it a different way.

    u can use those tabloids like InTouch etc. those are lighter than Vogue.
  11. here is a link to pages of suggestions
  12. okay i just ordered a large purseket and i will also cut out some cardboard and i should be good to go. thank you girls!!
  13. You can put a magazine, a cardboard or a mouse pad in the bottom of the bag.
  14. Personally, I use a Coach catelogue in the bottom of my 25. Anything that has a little substance to it will work ! :yes:
  15. a purskete will hold the shape of the bag