Sagging,organizer,base shaper FAQs

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    LV Speedy: How does it sag?

    How do you prevent your speedy from SAGGING?

    Epi Speedy Owners--Tell me about the sag factor

    Sagginess of Speedy 30 with and without purseket/cardboard - pics?

    MINI LIN SPEEDY 30 OWNERS - can you post a pic so I can see how 'saggy' it is?

    sooo sagging on speedy 30s THIS WORKS GREAT!!

    Damier Speedy vs. Monogram Speedy, does one sag less than the other or about (ro)

    sagging of the speedy 25??

    Sagging Speedy 30

    Speedy Sag

    Sagging of damier speedy

    Does the EPI Speedy sag???

    Do you like a sagging Speedy?

    Saggy Epi Speedy?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.